New York City Proclamation

The Council of the City of New York is pleased and proud in paying tribute to and honoring the life of Sri Chinmoy; and


   WHEREAS: It is the tradition and custom of the New York City Council to honor its most distinguished citizens, and today we are pleased to recognize Sri Chinmoy for his outstanding service to the community, to our city and to the World; and


   WHEREAS: Sri Chinmoy exemplified all that is most noteworthy and admirable in our citizens.  His abundant generosity and compassion toward others as well as selfless dedication to nurturing world harmony through creative expression of the limitless potential of the human spirit; and


   WHEREAS: Sri Chinmoy’s many contributions to American life and culture have been expressed through teaching, athletics, art, music, poetry and literature, of which, he has written over 1,550 books of essays, 112,000 poems short stories, and 20,000 songs, taught 300 university lectures, and penned over 15 million bird drawings; and


   WHEREAS: A devoted leader in promoting global harmony, Sri Chinmoy led twice weekly meditation sessions to encourage personal spiritual growth at the United Nations for over 37 years; and


   WHEREAS: In 1976, he inspired The Liberty Torch 8,800-mile non-stop relay run through all 50 states to celebrate the American Bicentennial during which a flaming torch was passed from runner to runner symbolizing and rekindling the deeper spiritual values and ideals upon which this nation was founded; and


   WHEREAS: In 1977, he founded the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team and in 1987, he gave birth to the World Harmony Run and his inspiration and guidance will continue to be a driving force behind the event; the World Harmony Run contributes to world education and has become a venue for Americans to work together with team members from more than 70 other countries to develop international friendships  and advance world harmony; and


   WHEREAS: Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to inspiring and serving all those trying to make the world a better place; and


   WHEREAS: Today, we honor the life and teachings of Sri Chinmoy, a man whose dedication to and concern for world peace and harmony is exemplary.  In his devotion to ensuring the transmission and preservation of global harmony, he served as a fine example of maintaining and strengthening one’s spiritual life; now, therefore


BE IT KNOWN: That the Council of the City of New York most gratefully honors


Sri Chinmoy


                        for his outstanding service to the City, the community and the World.


                                        Signed this 30th day of October in the year Two Thousand Seven


           DAVID I. WEPRIN                            JAMES F. GENNARO

 Council Member, 23rd District, Queens                 Council Member, 24thDistrict, Queens

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