Mr. Lowell Flanders

Former President of the United Nations Staff Union and Assistant Director of the Division for Sustainable Development:

I really appreciate being invited to rejoice with you in the life of Sri Chinmoy, somebody who has touched each and every one of you here, I know, and around the world.

Sri Chinmoy, by the example of his life, provided a vision and hope for a better, more peaceful world, a world sustained by a community of nations and peoples dedicated to the equality and well-being of all, not only in a physical sense, but in a spiritual sense as well. That inner peace could radiate and transform the world around us was an article of faith for Sri Chinmoy. At a time when the world is increasingly racked by violence and strife, the message and example of Sri Chinmoy provide a wellspring of inspiration. His commitment to the United Nations and the ideal of international cooperation and friendship between nations must be shared and built upon by all of us, since, as he believed, world peace must start in the hearts of each and every one of us.

In closing, just a short verse by Lord Bacon:

“Action is transitory—a step, a blow,
The motion of a muscle—this way or that—
‘Tis done; and in the after-vacancy
We wonder at ourselves like men betrayed:
Suffering is permanent, obscure and dark,
And has the nature of infinity.
Yet through that darkness, gracious openings lie,
By which the soul—with patient steps of thought
Now toiling, waked now on wings of prayer—
May pass in hope, and, though from mortal bonds
Yet undelivered, rise with sure ascent
Even to the fountain-head of peace divine.”

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