To Be A Chittagonian

Sri Chinmoy was born in the district of Chittagong and spent the first 12 years of his life in the tiny Indian village of Shakpura. In 2006 he composed his 13,000th song and dedicated it to Chittagong

In 2003 Sri Chinmoy said of Chittagong

“My Chittagong,
May the world-citizens
To your heart-beauty throng.”

“Chittagong is the chief Indian Ocean port city in the south-east of Bangladesh. The name also refers to one of the six divisions in Bangladesh. Even though Bengali, a derivative of Sanskrit, is spoken and taught throughout Bangladesh, the residents of Chittagong Division much prefer to speak their own dialect. The curious thing is that Chittagong dialect has no official status and is not taught at any level in schools. It exists solely as an oral language, with subtle variations from north to south, and from Muslim to Hindu. In the written form, correct Bengali is used exclusively.”

From article by Dr Vidagdha Bennett “To Be a Chittagongian”

Early life of Sri Chinmoy in Chittagong

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