2010 World Harmony Run

The 2010 World Harmony Run began in spectacular style from the top of Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.


Lighting of the torch

The World Harmony Run, founded by Sri Chinmoy, will be covering 56,000 Kilometres during 2010 as it passes through over 100 countries.

The 2010 launch began with lighting the torch from the molten lava of an active Volcano in Guatemala. The team in Guatemala includes runners from around the world including countries such as Ukraine, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Canada, El Salvador, Iceland and Mongolia as well as Guatemala.

To follow the 2010 run in different parts of the world visit World Harmony Run for all latest updates.

World Harmony Run and Statue of Sri Chinmoy in Mazatlan Mexico

A life-sized bronze statue of World Harmony Run founder Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) depicted holding a World Harmony Run torch was inaugurated in a festive ceremony on the evening of November 26, 2009 in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Mayor of Mazatlan Receives Torchbearer Award

The statue is right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean ringed by palm trees in a location adjacent to a coastal plaza featuring other statues and lookouts over the ocean. Eventually its environs will be landscaped with benches and will include additional information about the late spiritual leader’s contributions in various fields.

Other statues by the same sculptor, British artist Kaivalya Torpy, are located in Norway, Bali and the Czech Republic. The statue unveiled in Mazatlan is the first in the Americas and the first ever of the spiritual leader holding a torch — the symbol of the World Harmony Run.

The Mayor of Mazatlan Jorge Abel Lopez Sanchez was in attendance to unveil the statue and he was presented with the World Harmony Run Torch Bearer Award during the ceremony. Students of Sri Chinmoy representing various countries also were in attendance. The Mazatlan Fire Department Band and Gymnastics Team performed a stirring drum and trumpet performance and ascended heavenward with gravity defying human pyramid formations. The World Harmony Run torch was held aloft from atop one such human pyramid.

Fire Dept. Gymnastic Team and Band

Activities continued the following day with visits by the World Harmony Run to three elementary schools culminating in the school children running the torch to the foot of the statue where they were greeted by the Secretary of the Mayor.
Mazatlan Statue
A World Harmony Run ceremony including school children also visited a large Mazatlan shopping mall where Sri Chinmoy’s Jharna-Kala artwork was on exhibit inside the mall.

Mall Entrance Exhibit Sign

The local daily newspaper Noroeste featured an article about the statue dedication in the November 28th edition of the paper and a second article about the World Harmony Run festivities also appeared on the sports page in the same day’s paper.

Read more at WorldHarmonyRun.org.

World Harmony Run – Mexico

Recently, the World Harmony Run visited Mexico for for five days, visiting local schools and spreading a message of peace and harmony. The run was enthusiastically received by local people who appreciated the opportunity to join in the spirit of the Harmony run.

4 Runners
World Harmony Runners

A video compilation of the Mexico tour can be viewed on the World Harmony Run website here

Mexico Sunset

” This mind is the doubting mind, and in the doubting mind we can never feel the presence of peace. We can feel the presence of peace only in the loving heart. The doubting mind leads us to total frustration. The loving heart leads us to complete satisfaction.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Mexico Dancers
Mexican Dancers who greeted the run

Irish World Harmony Run 2009

The Irish World Harmony Run got off to an auspicious beginning on 21st March. Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern offered the runners his appreciation for their mammoth task of running around the coast of Ireland in 14 days.

Irish WHR
Irish World Harmony Run opening ceremony

The team is running 1400km around the coast of Ireland, visiting Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Limmerick amongst many other smaller towns and villages. The international team includes runners from US, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Europe.

You can follow the run at the website – Ireland World Harmony Run

For the first two days the run has benefited from dry sun, often a rarity for Ireland at this time of the year!

World Harmony Run Finale in Prague


On October 6, 2008. The World Harmony Run, a rely run which seeks to cultivate harmony by passing a burning torch among people of different cultures, finished its European journey  in Prague.

9-time Olympic champion Carl Lewis and deputy Mayor of Prague Markéta Reedová ran together with the World Harmony Run team for the final kilometers. They carried the World Harmony torch over the Charles Bridge and to Old Town Square.

“The World Harmony Run, founded in 1987 by Sri Chinmoy, who was the most peaceful person I knew, has inspired millions in Europe and all over the planet to take a step for harmony and a better world,” Carl Lewis said at a reception of the team at the House of Parliament, Senate and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

The delegation of runners headed by Carl Lewis, the World Harmony Run spokesperson, started this morning from Prague Castle at 10 AM to run to the House of Parliament, where they were received by members of Parliament headed by Anna Čurdová. In the Senate, the torch was received by the deputy chairman Jiří Liška. He symbolically ran with Lewis and the team in the Valdstejnska Garden. After another reception, this time at the Ministry of Education, the torch was accepted by the deputy minister Jan Kocourek who then headed with the runners to Mostecka Tower. There he passed the torch to the Prague deputy Mayor Markéta Reedová.
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World Harmony Run in New Zealand

The World Harmony Run, is currently passing through New Zealand. The route involves a 3,544Km journey around the north and south islands. The Run will pass through some of New Zealand’s stunning scenery and also touch thousands of people along the way.


The Run at Whangarei Falls

In Auckland, the run was greeted by a variety of people and groups including a traditional Maori greeting. – a solo warrior’s challenge, a welcoming group haka, songs and a prayer. The World Harmony Run team also offered songs in return.


A Maori warrior



The Auckland Boy’s Grammar School perform on the percussion. (Founder, Sri Chinmoy in background)

Australian World Harmony Run

On April 27th, the Australian World Harmony Run team began an epic journey around the entire coast of Australia. The World Harmony Run team from 16 different countries will be running in relay more than 15,000 km in over 100 days. They plan to finish by mid-August. You can follow the Australian harmony run here:


Australian Harmony Run team meeting with local schoolchildren

The team have met with a wide range of people and stunning scenery along the way. People from all walks of life have joined in supporting the message of the Run – to promote harmony and friendship amongst people.


Meeting the local mayor

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Mount Snowdon dedicated as a Peace Blossom Mountain

Mount Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales, was dedicated as a peace blossom mountain in a ceremony coinciding with the arrival of the World Harmony Run.


The runners were met at the bottom of Mount Snowdon by Mrs Owen of Gwynedd County Council, and Lord Elis Thomas the presiding officer of the Welsh Parliament. The runners then set off up the slopes of Mount Snowdon with others following in a train. There was a light hearted race with the runners trying to beat the train to the top ( which they succeeded in doing)

Mount Snowdon

View from the Top of the Mount Snowdon

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Start of US World Harmony Run

Statue of Liberty

The American World Harmony Run began on April 10th, 2008.

The Torch, which will travel around the US, was symbolically lifted in front of the Statue of Liberty, New York. Sudhahota Carl Lewis was on hand to light the torch and run around the base of the statue.

Eric S Peterson gave a short address about the World Harmony Run and the symbolic importance of the Statue of Liberty, an important symbol of hope for the world. Peterson, closed with the words of World Harmony Run founder, Sri Chinmoy

“O Polestar Statue of Liberty!
Earth-heart’s pinnacle-Divinity.
America’s proudest Vision-pride-
Her Beauty’s cosmos-fragrance-ride-
Freedom-smile-bestower is your Soul.
Nectar-flooded Goal.”

The runners, from many different countries, then ran a short distance of 4 miles to Dag Hammarskjold plaza outside the United Nations for the official opening ceremony.

Many people came to offer their good wishes for the World Harmony Run, before its epic travails through the US. Some of those who came to offer support for the run included: Billie Jean King, New York philanthropist Russell Simmons, Sister Madonna Buder, first lady of New York Diana Taylor and many others who kindly offered musical tributes.

For more details on the launch of the International World Harmony run, visit here: International Launch of World Harmony Run 

2008 WHR promises to be the biggest and best ever

France WHR

All across the world, plans are at an advanced stage to make the 2008 incarnation of the World Harmony Run an absolutely gigantic event. Already the run has made its way through South East Asia and the Middle East, and is currently in north Africa.

The European leg of the Run will begin in Rome at the end of March, and will visit over 50 countries on its route. Among the many events planned will be Guinness World record attempts in Dublin, Ireland and Cambridge, England.

The US run will begin on April 10 and cover all 50 states in a four month journey. At the end of April, the Oceania leg of the Harmony Run will embark upon an unprecedented journey around Australia, before continuing its journey in New Zealand in September. There will also be Canadian and Russian legs of the Run – making it an event which truly spans the globe.

You can catch up on the recent news at www.worldharmonyrun.org

Recent Events

The World Harmony Run visited the Dominican Republic for its last event of 2007.

The Run, visited two schools including the Ann Y Ted Kheel Polytechnical School and Punta Cana international school, home to more than 26 different nationalities

View: World Harmony Run in the Dominican Republic 

News of a Sri Chinmoy Harmony Bridge between Austria and Slovenia


On the bridge is a plaque in Austrian and Slovenian that this bridge is dedicated to harmony between the two countries