Two Inspirational Lifts by Sri Chinmoy

In the space of three days last week, Sri Chinmoy accomplished two remarkable lifts as part of his effort to inspire others through lifting heavy weights. Through his lifting achievements, he hopes to encourage the world around him to try and transcend their own capacities. “If we remain in a childlike heart, then age can never be a barrier and there is no end to our progress”, he said when asked about his lifting.

Always on the look out for new objects to lift, his first lifting session saw him on a cold morning in New Jersey, where he lifted two hot air balloons. The first balloon – resembling a pink rabbit – was expertly guided into place onto the lifting platform by its pilot, Tom Robins, and some of the gas was then released so the balloon exerted a weight on the platform. Sri Chinmoy performed a succession of lifts with the balloon as the gas was gradually released, with the highest weight lifted being 369 pounds.

Then a second balloon was expertly steered into place – a gaily coloured balloon making its maiden flight that very morning. Again Sri Chinmoy performed a succession of lifts, the highest this time weighing in at397 pounds.

Mr Robins, who was in the balloons when they were being lifted, later remarked: In over two decades of flying balloons, this is the most wonderful and uplifting experience I have ever had. I do not know where Sri Chinmoy’s power comes from, but I have felt it today and it is spectacular!”

Two days later, Sri Chinmoy was in New York City, on the 43rd anniversary of his arrival in the west. This time, out of appreciation for the United States of America, which has been his home since 1964, he lifted overhead a huge stone fountain containing 50 roses, one for each state. The total lift, including apparatus, amounted to 312lb.

Just before the lift, Sri Chinmoy offered the following expression of gratitude to the soul of America:“America the Beautiful, you have showered your choicest blessings, concern and encouragement upon my God-aspiring heart and man-dedicated service for long 43 years. I am offering 50 roses from my heart-garden lovingly, devotedly and self-givingly to the beauty, prosperity and divinity of each state.”

Sri Chinmoy Lifting Elephants

Recently Sri Chinmoy lifted some baby elephants whilst visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

It was also at the same elephant sanctuary that Ashrita attempted a record for the most number of squats – whilst on an elephant.

Photo by Projjwal.

Sri Chinmoy weightlifting

Sri Chinmoy is currently 74 years old but he still continues to practise his weightlifting. Sri Chinmoy sees weightlifting as an opportunity to inspire others, especially older people, to keep trying and never give up. Sri Chinmoy believes in a philosophy of self transcendence. Self transcendence is the attempt to go beyond previous limits both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Sri Chinmoy lifting