Live music streaming from radio Sri Chinmoy

At Radio Sri Chinmoy, we have published a new live streaming channel, which offers a range of music composed by Sri Chinmoy and performed by a variety of music groups.


The channel, World Harmony Mix, features a large array of musical performances from music groups such as Temple-Song-Hearts, Ananda, Mountain Silence Ghandarva Loka, and Shindhu.

The channel offers a very relaxing and energising musical accompaniment.

“Music is the mother tongue of humanity. God is the Supreme Musician. It is through music that we can enter into the universal harmony. It is through music that God’s Beauty is being manifested in His all loving Creation.”

– Sri Chinmoy [1]


Listen Now



[1] Sri Chinmoy, The Vedas: Immortality’s First Call, Agni Press, 1972.

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