Run for World Peace

Recently, the World Harmony Run visited Kathmandu in Nepal seeking to promote the ideals of global harmony and world peace. The team of international participants were joined by many local children, sports-people and local dignitaries.


– World Harmony Run Presentation including Honorable Paramanda Jha, Deputy President of Nepal.


Runners sharing the torch.

Running through the streets of Kathmandu with motorcycle escort.

More photos at: Nepal 17th January at World Harmony Run

In 1997, Body, Mind and Spirit magazine requested Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the World Harmony Run, to offer a short message about world peace for publication in a special issue.

World peace can blossom throughout the length and breadth of the world only when the world-peace-dreamers, world-peace-lovers and world-peace-servers desperately, sleeplessly and breathlessly long for the full manifestation of peace here on earth.

– Sri Chinmoy 1


  1. Sri Chinmoy, A Peace-Collecting Pilgrim-Soul, New York: Agni Press, 1980

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