President Mikhail Gorbachev

Letter from President Mikhail Gorbachev 12 October 2007

With deep regret I have learned that my long-term close friend, the friend of my family and of our Foundation, Sri Chinmoy passed away yesterday. This is a heavy loss not only for all his dear ones, friend, numerous disciples – this is a loss for the whole world.

For many years of his selfless work for the sake of peace, Sri Chinmoy has gained recognition and love in the farthest corners of our planet. Many people – politicians, state figures and social figures from various countries (including myself) – appealed to the Nobel Peace Committee nominating Sri Chinmoy for the honorary degree of the Nobel Laureate. Unfortunately, Sri Chinmoy did not live to this day … but in our hearts he will forever remain a man who dedicated his whole life to peace.

A few times I visited Sri Chinmoy Centre in New York. I met his disciples. What wonderful, soulful people were surrounding him! I am sure that the Centre will become a worthy successor of the noblest work their outstanding Teacher has dedicated his whole life to.

Dear friends, in these sorrowful days, Irina and I and the girls mourn together with you.
We shall remember Sri Chinmoy forever!


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