Quotes of Sri Chinmoy


"Let us try to know the spiritual significance of tolerance. Tolerance is not conscious submission to a superior power. Real tolerance is compassion in disguise. When we have real tolerance, the seeker in us sees the expansion of his loving heart, his illumining soul and his fulfilling goal."

Sri Chinmoy (1)


"Love of the limited self, the very limited self, is another name for human love. Love of the entire world is another name for divine love."

Sri Chinmoy (2)


"There is nothing on earth that can undo the past but patience. If we have patience we can easily undo the past. The past is a morning mist, a meaningless experience in comparison to our future realisation. The past brought us the message of suffering, sorrow, weakness, limitation, bondage and death. Again, the soul’s light, which is patience, will eventually conquer delusion, illusion, temptation, limitation, everything undivine."



" I always say that past is dust, past is dust. And I wish to repeat the message that past is dust. Let the past be buried in oblivion. The past has not given any of us realisation, God-realisation. It is the present that will give to each of us our Self-realisation. It is the message of the golden tomorrow that will enter into the present and change our lives within and without. Each new year signifies progress and there is no end to this progress. Our journey is eternal. Our Goal is the ever-transcending Beyond."


You are afraid of the future.
Perhaps it is true that the future
Holds only torture for us.
But can you not be wise?
Do not invoke the future.
Just live cheerfully
In the eternal Now.

He is weak.
He cannot afford to forgive.
You are strong.
You can afford to forgive.
I am unwise.
I know not how to forgive.
God is wise.
He is all-Forgiveness.

- Sri Chinmoy



Life is but a day.
I try to finish
All my aspiring
All my loving
In the short span
Of one single day.

Life is but Eternity,
I sleep and dream,
I sing and dance
Dance and sing
In the Silence-Face, Forgiveness-Smile
Of the birthless and deathless Day.

- Sri Chinmoy - Wings of Light



You will say that because there is life, there is hope. You are right. But I wish to add something. Because there is hope, we live eternally — in the inner world, in the outer world, or in both worlds. You will say that hope sees illumining light in teeming darkness. You are perfectly right. But I wish to add something. Hope is itself the light that illumines darkness. I love hope. I may not love God, but in the inmost recesses of my being, in the inmost recesses of my heart, I feel that God loves me. Whether I love God or not, God loves me: this is my fervent hope. I may not care for God, but I do feel in all sincerity that God cares for me. Whether I care for God or not, God cares for me: this is my fervent hope.

From: I need from God



"The world is still millions of miles away from world peace. But just because we do not see the reality all at once, that is no reason to become discouraged. Before the day dawns, it is dark. When we look at the darkness that is all around and identify with the darkness, it is almost impossible for us to have faith that there will be light. But at the end of the tunnel there is light. At the end of the darkness there is light. This light that we talk about is not our mental hallucination or deception. This light is our psychic light, our soul’s light deep within us, and it is all the time trying desperately to come to the fore. It is more than eager to come to the fore to liberate us, illumine us and perfect us. It is like a child and its mother. The mother is always trying inwardly and outwardly to make the child perfect. Similarly, our inner light is trying to free our outer existence from ignorance-night."

- I need from God


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