Aphorisms II by Sri Chinmoy

Sooner or later
We needs must journey
Towards the Unknowable.


My joy know now bounds
When I am
My heart-country-traveller.


We must realise
That the river of time
Does not wait
For anyone.


O my mind,
I am begging you
To come with me only once
Into the silence world.


I must never, never suffer
From a broken heart-relationship
With my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme.


Most of us love
Only emergency prayers


My Lord,
As long as You care
For my heart-garden,
I shall not mind
If You do not care
For my mind-jungle
And my life-market.


My Lord,
You have endless Names,
But I call You
And I shall forever call You
By only one Name:


The sleepless and selfless
Expects no return.


What was I doing?
I was repeating and chanting
God’s Forgiveness-Name.


What am I doing?
I am repeating and chanting
God’s Compassion-Name.


Poems by: Sri Chinmoy

Selected Exceprts from: "My Christmas-New Year-Vacation-Aspiration-Prayers" Part 24


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