Poems from "Ever New Vision - Ever Ancient Reality"

by: Sri Chinmoy


My Beloved, I love You.
For You I have brought
A few beautiful flowers
That I have collected early in the morning.
I wish to adore You with these flowers.
Ah, You are smiling at me because You know
That these flowers actually belong to You.
I am decorating You with Your own gifts.



Fill up my heart with inner honey.
As the magic touch of the philosopher’s stone
Transforms iron into gold.
Your Feet will transform all my blunders
Into perfect reality.
Fill up  my heart with inner honey.



Pure unalloyed Lotus – Feet of Yours,
How can I wash You?
Do tell me today.
How can I sing Your Victory-Song
With a sweet, melodious voice?
I have no tune, no words,
No metre, no rhyme,
No flowers, no heart’s want.
I have only a quenchless inner urge.


By: Sri Chinmoy


(1) These poems have been published in:
"The Ever-New Vision and The Ever-Ancient Reality" (2005) (Aum Publications)

(2) Originally published in song books including:


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