Aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy 1

My Lord has promised me
His Golden Shore.
Therefore, I do not mind in the least
Travelling through endless

Each prayer
Is a flame of my heart
Climbing towards
The highest Heaven.

Each life
Is the Beauty
Of God’s Love.

My Heart hears constantly
“Go forward, My child, go forward!”

Many, many, many times
I have come and gone.
Alas, my life is still
A God-forgetfulness sleep.

I have come into the world
To establish my friendship
And not my lordship.

A true seeker
Feels sad and miserable
When he is away from
His God-silence-heart-home.

Do not wait
For a new year.
Here and now
Make a fresh start
To realise God.


The heart
Of a true disciple
Is always original.

At times
God’s Silence
Is the very best answer.

May my life be fed
By my heart’s

The most effective medicine
Here on earth
Is love unconditional.

The outer books
Cannot cure the world.
The inner book can.
What is the inner book?
Our faith in God and in ourselves.

Adversity can be
A unique education-helper.


Do not curse the darkness-night.
Try to live always
In the Heart of Light.

Not when I die,
But when I dive deep within,
Will I arrive at God’s Heart-Door.

Poems by Sri Chinmoy

Selected poems from: "My Christmas- New Year - Vacation - Aspiration - Prayers" Vol 32



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