Sri Chinmoy weightlifting

Sri Chinmoy is currently 74 years old but he still continues to practise his weightlifting. Sri Chinmoy sees weightlifting as an opportunity to inspire others, especially older people, to keep trying and never give up. Sri Chinmoy believes in a philosophy of self transcendence. Self transcendence is the attempt to go beyond previous limits both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Sri Chinmoy lifting

Function with Sri Chinmoy

Morris Klein shares some thoughts and observations from a meditation function with Sri Chinmoy in New York.

Sri Chinmoy commented that he felt that we can expand our heart by first feeling like we belong to our parents, and our village, then our town, province, country and then the world. He said that “When we use our love there is no distance.

Eternity’s Breath

“When I love a man, I live within his ever-blossoming heart.

When I hate a man, he lives within my ever-torturing vital.

Love has a power of its own. It can be used to see and feel both the lowest and the highest.

The noblest love of man constitutes his purest vision of God.

Love is always expensive, whether heavenly or earthly.

Like death, man’s love is capable of levelling all ranks”

These short aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy were composed in 1963, one year before he travelled to America. Between 1965 and 1968 the aphorisms were published as a series in AUM magazine In 1972 they were published under 1 volume “Eternity’s Breath”

The book also includes short essays such as “An experience of the author at age 14

Poems on Sound and Silence

Sound teaches me
How to accept the challenge
Of the ruthless world.

– 34,341

Silence teaches me
How to love the world
And become the world.

These short aphorisms by Sri Chinmoy are from a recent version of his Seventy Seven Thousand Service Trees vol 35.

Sri Chinmoy is more than half way towards his goal of writing a series of 77,000 spiritual aphorisms.

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Sri Chinmoy on Music and Oneness

This interview is from a press interview in Stockholm, where Sri Chinmoy was giving one of his concerts of meditative music. During this interview Sri Chinmoy suggests how music can be a way to unite people in a spirit of oneness.

“I am a truth seeker and God lover and I know there are many many countless people who are in the same boat. So when I give concerts it is like a family gathering.”

During his meditative concerts Sri Chinmoy plays on a variety of instruments. Sri Chinmoy says that by sharing his meditative music he gets inspiration from others who come to listen and are moved by his music.

“I am playing and if people are receptive, if people are feeling something, that very feeling is a source of inspiration to me. It is give and take. I am giving through music or through my silence and people who are receptive who are feeling something in the depths of their heart also were giving me in return.”

Sri Chinmoy

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New Biography of Sri Chinmoy

A New biography about Sri Chinmoy has been written. This includes a look at Sri Chinmoy’s early life in India. Sri Chinmoy spent 20 years in the Sri Aurobinod Ashram in Pondicherry, before coming to the West in 1964. Sri Chinmoy has lived a very active life, showing that meditation can bring to the fore a range of inner and outer capacities.

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Welcome to Sri Chinmoy News

Recently a compilation of Sri Chinmoy’s aphorisms entitled “Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden” was republished it includes a variety of short poems grouped into different themes.

An overriding theme of Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy is the importance of harmony.

If you develop harmony with all,
Then yours will be a heart
Totally free from sorrow.

– Sri Chinmoy