Concerts of Sri Chinmoy

During the past 20 years Sri Chinmoy has offered over 500 concerts of prayerful music around the world. Typically these have been held in large auditoriums capable of holding several 1000 people.Venues of Sri Chinmoy’s concerts have included the Royal Albert Hall, London; Borobudur, Indonesia; Kamakura, Japan; and Sydney Opera House.

During these concerts Sri Chinmoy will play on a variety of instruments. These include meditative instruments like the Esraj and Flutes. Maestro Sri Chinmoy’s repertoire also includes instruments which express great dynamism and power. Often the conclusion to a concert will be a rousing finale on a piano, synthesizer or organ. These extemporaneous performances offer a unique and powerful musical effect but Sri Chinmoy says dynamism and energy are still complementary to inner peace. Inner peace is not just about silence and calmness. Peace can embody dynamism and energy.

Many commentators have observed how Sri Chinmoy’s music touches their heart and uplifts their inspiration beyond the mind. It is for this reason that Sri Chinmoy prefers to offer concerts of prayerful music rather than giving lectures like he did in the 1970s. When giving lectures Sri Chinmoy feels it is difficult to offer spiritual inspiration. A talk only deals with the intellectual mind, there is also a sense of separation between the speaker and the audience. With music Sri Chinmoy says he is able to identify with the audience and they can identify with the music. “Music is the universal language of god” music spreads oneness, through music Sri Chinmoy feels he is able to touch the aspiring hearts of seekers

Sri Chinmoy has also composed songs about individuals. This is a unique way of offering gratitude and honouring the achievements of a diverse range of individuals. People honoured in such a way include prominent world leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. This is one such song composed in honour of Mother Teresa:


“Affection-Sister, Compassion-Mother Teresa Divine
Every day God's Smile, Joy and Pride
with your soul dine.
Mother, your Calcutta's streaming tears
and bleeding heart you are.
To you the whole world bows and bows
from near and far.
Your life is the fragrance of
the world-peace-dream-flower.
Yours is the breath that builds God's

From: Sri Chinmoy Songs - Mother Teresa

In addition to composing songs in honour of individuals Sri Chinmoy has also set others inspiring words to music. When meeting people Sri Chinmoy seeks to highlight the best in others by focusing on their good qualities and appreciating their noblest sentiments.

Sri Chinmoy has also composed many songs in honour of great spiritual Masters from Sri Ramachandra to Sri Aurobindo. Through composing songs in honour of the great Masters and founders of world religions Sri Chinmoy has sought to highlight the underlying unity of world religions. In particular he has composed many songs about Sri Krishna, The Buddha, Jesus Christ and Sri Aurobindo. 

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