Ten Thousand Flower-Flames Recording

Ten Thousand Flower-Flames is a series of poetry Sri Chinmoy wrote between the years of 1978 to 1983. At Radio Sri Chinmoy, there is a new recording of Sri Chinmoy reading out some selected poems from this series.

God’s Forgiveness finds me
No matter where I am.
God’s Compassion takes me
Where I ought to go.

– Sri Chinmoy

Poetic Tributes

My Lord,
How I wish
To be with You
In Heaven!
Do you enjoy
Your Heavenly Rest?


View: “My Lord” By: Doris at Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group

“Please forgive me, Father. I have no aspiration, no
Love-Devotion-Surrender today.”

“Aspiration? Love-Devotion-Surrender? Who cares for these things? Give
me whatever you have.”

“I’m sorry Master, but what I have today is nothing you want. Alas,
all I have today is my pathetic orphan-sorrow.”


The Master Thief by Michael at Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group

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An early poem by Sri Chinmoy

Her Face O earth! but once behold her Face,
Then all for you is sun-vast Grace.
Your brave despair, your hopeless cry,
Your prison of mortality
Her gaze of Power will break the maim
Into a thousand fragments of Her Name.

Sri Chinmoy first began writing poetry in earnest during his adolescence. First he began writing in his native Bengali, then later moved to writing poetry in English. His early poetry is much more structured and metricized than his current output, which mainly consists of short haiku-like aphorisms.

The above poem is a typical example dating from 1958, referring to the mother aspect of the Divine.

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Photo: Prabhakar Street on Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

Poems on Sound and Silence

Sound teaches me
How to accept the challenge
Of the ruthless world.

– 34,341

Silence teaches me
How to love the world
And become the world.

These short aphorisms by Sri Chinmoy are from a recent version of his Seventy Seven Thousand Service Trees vol 35.

Sri Chinmoy is more than half way towards his goal of writing a series of 77,000 spiritual aphorisms.

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Welcome to Sri Chinmoy News

Recently a compilation of Sri Chinmoy’s aphorisms entitled “Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden” was republished it includes a variety of short poems grouped into different themes.

An overriding theme of Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy is the importance of harmony.

If you develop harmony with all,
Then yours will be a heart
Totally free from sorrow.

– Sri Chinmoy