Aphorism cards and incense

In Australia, an enterprise ‘Incense of the World’ has combined its business of incense with handing out aphorism cards by Sri Chinmoy.


Incense is in the Air

by Grahak Cunningham


It is not often you meet travelling salesman who sell goods that help make the world a better place but Victorian Pushpendra Uppal has a selection of goods he has peddled for nearly 20 years that help do just that- well they help the world smell better anyway – incense. The company he helped develop with owner Guni Warmington in Melbourne, Incense of the World has been spreading its fragrant wings since 1998 with clients in every state and a distribution network of high end incense from manufacturers throughout Bali, Nepal, India and Japan. Continue reading “Aphorism cards and incense”

New Health Food Store in Den Haag

In Den Haag, members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre run a Health Food Store, which recently moved to a new, bigger store. The new health food store has a mixture of organic food, fresh to-go meals, smoothies and juices, and aims to offer an integral approach to healthy living.

madal bal

The manager, Pradeep, kindly shared with us some thoughts about the new store.

Question: Tell us a little about the move to a new shop

/Pradeep/ We had been two years in the old location which was right across the street but the building was not any more suitable for the needs of a modern day health food store. We had many new ideas and great capacities within the team of workers that couldn’t really come to fruition there because of lack of space. We decided we would search for a bigger location, and after two years we got this opportunity for a new bigger location right opposite the street, not even ten meters away. With the help of  designers, such as Bikash, Sumangali, Chandrakanta and Drisalu we worked on developing a new concept for our Madal Bal shop -  Happy, Healthy, Tasty. Continue reading “New Health Food Store in Den Haag”

New health food store in Reykjavik

Pranava Gigja, a member of the Iceland Sri Chinmoy Centre, has recently opened a new health food store enterprise in Reykjavik.

Pranava Gigja, active for the Peace and Harmony Run in Iceland since the beginning, opened the new store supplying a variety of dietary supplements and healthy foods, such as organic chocolate, the Madal Bal syrup for the lemon diet and various organic teas. The place is called “Mother Knows Best – Pure Health” and is open five days a week. In the future, Pranava hopes to include a raw food and salad corner and is actively distributing his products all over Iceland and in other North European countries. One key product is his Magnesium powder, one of the major supplements for a healthy diet.


New Gelateria in Zurich

In Zurich, members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre have recently founded a new ice-cream bar/ cafe in the centre of Zurich.


The Divine Enterprise was inaugurated in January 2013, in the centre  of Zurich. The name of the enterprise is  “The Sacred and Secret Way of Amazing Strength” which had  been given by Sri Chinmoy himself some 12 years ago. Abarita Dänzer,  owner of the “Secrets of Perfection-Flames” (Tofu Factory) took over a  former vegan bakery and take-away, and transformed it into a Vegelateria. A unique new ice-cream parlour,  where you can get more than 20 different ice creams, all vegan and  without conventional sugar. The local newspapers as well as the vegan  community are happy about the new place which for the moment holds only  10 seats in additional to the Take-Away. From Monday through Saturday  Pradatta Schrottenholzer and his helpers also offer hot meals, a daily  soup, salads and drinks. Abaraita plans to enlarge to 25 and later to 75  seats as soon as the needed requirements from the Health Authorities  are fulfilled. Also planned are regular monthly exhibitions and events  covering subjects such as health, nutrition, meditation, consciousness  and awareness.

– Kedar Misani

New Run and Become store in Edinburgh

The ‘Run and Become’ chain of running stores was started in the early 1980’s in London by one of Sri Chinmoy’s students Ongkar Tony Smith. The name comes from one of Sri Chinmoy’s aphorisms: ‘Run and Become, Become and Run. Run to succeed in the outer world. Become to proceed in the inner world.’ There are now two other shops, in Edinburgh and Cardiff.

After 20 years in business, the Edinburgh store has just moved to a new City Centre location in Queensferry Street. This follows on from a major renovation of the London store 18 months ago.

To mark the opening, there was a small ceremony attended by many Scottish athletics luminaries.

More information: Run and Become blog

Annapurna Restaurant

Annapurna was opened in 1974, by Shivaram & Devavira two students of Sri Chinmoy from Toronto.

annapurnaIt is now the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Ontario. It is renowned for its peaceful and welcoming atmosphere and its excellent range of healthy gastronomic delights.

Anna Purna

AnnapÅ«rṇā is a Sanskrit name which literally means “full of food” (feminine form), but is normally translated as Goddess of the Harvests. In Hinduism, Annapurna is a goddess of fertility and agriculture and an avatar of Durga.

More Canadian enterprises at Sri Chinmoy Centre

Fragrance of the Heart

The Fragrance of the Heart is a popular cafe in the heart of Oslo, run by students of Sri Chinmoy.

Fragrance of the Heart
Fragrance of the Heart

Recently, a second, Fragrance of the Heart cafe was opened in the centre of Oslo.

Fragrance of the Heart
Fragrance of the Heart

In the background is a picture of Sri Chinmoy, playing the flute at the Eternal Peace Flame. The Eternal Peace Flame is also located in Oslo.

Continue reading “Fragrance of the Heart”

The Blue Bird

Sometimes Sri Chinmoy’s students will come together to open up an enterprise or business such as a shop or cafe – this means they can create a tranquil meditative atmosphere in which to work, and also for the public it means a peaceful oasis where they can come and unwind.

In an article just published on the Sri Chinmoy Centre site, cafe owner Toshala Elliot describes one such enterprise – the Blue Bird cafe in Auckland, New Zealand, which has now been running for over 13 years. ‘The Blue Bird’ is actually a name that Sri Chinmoy suggested for the cafe. Sri Chinmoy, in his artwork, has frequently used the bird as a metaphor for the unhorizoned flight of the soul; similarly blue, the colour of the sea and the sky also evokes that feeling of meditative vastness.


  • The beautiful new (and blue) website of the Blue Bird cafe