Sri Chinmoy in Seattle

A couple of notes about Sri Chinmoy's visit to Seattle. I believe that word will have already spread about the main events that took place in Seattle, but I would like to note some small things that happened. One note is that Sri Chinmoy is a terribly careful driver. True, I had the royal opportunity to be his driver during his 2-day visit, but his eyes were ever on the road ahead, and I drove through his eyes. Years
ago, when I was driving Guru somewhere in Oregon, he asked me to keep farther back from the cars ahead (this was on the freeway). This was good advice, and I have ever after tried to keep a proper and safe distance behind other cars.

ON the recent Seattle trip I was driving in Bellevue with the Master, and I looked ahead to see a driver sitting in their car in the exit driveway of a car park, waiting to pull into my lane to join the flow of traffic. I passed by this waiting car, but I should have honked to alert the driver, and I didn't. Guru, in very serious tones, told me
that "God made eyes and he made ears, too." He went on to say that we need to use both in a situation like that. Eyes and EARS. Use the horn.

ON another occasion very long ago, when Guru was in Seattle, he drove a car for a few miles, and Nandita and I had the privilege of being in the car with him as he drove. I have never seen such a conscious driver. When you and I drive, the driving is just a conveyance to get somewhere, and we talk, eat, daydream and do all kinds of things. But when Guru drives he is 100% in the driving role, and he is very
focused on each driving move. He did use the horn for safety.


posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group Nov 2006

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