Children of a Billionaire

If your father is a billionaire, you don't have to go out and work to get by. Similarly, if you have a great and good spiritual teacher, you do not have to try as hard as the poor chap who is floundering around: in the short period of your meditation, your abundantly illumined teacher will pour lots of milk into your vessel.

Nevertheless we must meditate adequately to make progress. During one Christmas trip I heard that Sri Chinmoy advised one young woman to meditate
for 2-1/2 hours a day. That's a lot for my standard. I do not meditate that much, but whatever I do, I really, really need it. For me not to meditate, it is like a grumpy person not having their coffee in the morning. Or, try going without breakfast. Feel good? No!

Even for an experienced person meditation is a challenge. There will always be some part that resists and finds excuses. Overwhelmingly, the reason that people start meditation but do not continue is that they are unable to confront and face down their own resistance. A group helps immensely. It does not have to be our group, but find some group that you trust and mix with them. There will always be someone in the group who is "up" and will pull you on.

I would like to close this short and rather random musing by thanking everyone for being. After all, we are one of God's flowers. Just by being, just by being alive, we are contributing. So, let's keep cheerful and pass it on. And, wink at ourselves next time we pass a mirror.



Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group

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