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After 2 years of arriving in New York. Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy and meditation classes had attracted many aspiring seekers who wished to follow his developing spiritual path. On July 22, 1966 in Santurce, Puerto Rico the first Sri Chinmoy Centre (initially called the AUM Centre) was inaugurated. Soon after there was a Centre established in New York where Sri Chinmoy was based. In the late 1960s and early 1970s Sri Chinmoy travelled extensively across America and Europe, this enabled him to offer philosophical lectures and meditations. These lectures often provided the impetus to the development of new centres in different part of America, Canada and Europe. Gradually the number of centres expanded to include most countries in Western Europe, Japan and new centres in Australasia. A significant development occurred in the 1990s with the fall of the Berlin Wall and overthrow of Communism Countries in the former “Eastern bloc” experienced an unprecedented increase in religious freedoms. This enabled Sri Chinmoy Centres to be established in Eastern Europe and Russia. After many years of Communism there appeared to be a deep spiritual aspiration and the number of centres Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union grew quickly. Sri Chinmoy has often stated his gratitude to Mikhail Gorbachev who played a key role in this transformation of Eastern Europe. In recent years there have also been centres established in South Africa, South America, India and other parts of Asia such as Indonesia. The Sri Chinmoy Centres are now a truly international community and are a reflection of Sri Chinmoy’s own aspiration to unite the world in a common oneness-world-family.


The Sri Chinmoy Centres provide a focal point for students of Sri Chinmoy to meditate and practise spirituality in day to day life. Sri Chinmoy centres offer weekly meditation meetings for their members and also offer social and sporting activities. As part of Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy, spirituality is not just about prayer and meditation but also encompasses dedicated selfless service and dynamism in the outer life. Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centres often become involved in various activities such as offering meditation classes to the general public. These classes are provided free of charge and are given as a public service. Centre members also contribute to the humanitarian aid programme founded by Sri Chinmoy “The Oneness-heart-tears and Smiles”. This is a humanitarian organisation which offers aid to disadvantaged groups around the world. The Sri Chinmoy Marathon team is also supported by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. The Marathon Team sets up running races and triathlon and has become one of the world’s leading promoters of ultra distance races.



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