Sri Chinmoy is neither a weightlifter nor a bodybuilder. Yet, during these months of 1986, his physical frame was inundated with power.  It became an instrument of his soaring vision, enabling him to accomplish feats which other men had dared not even dream of.  Whence this surge of power came and why it was able to ignite the spark of aspiration in mankind is the spiritual mystery that speaks through each day of this great saga.  And, as the answer dawns within us, we find ourselves uplifted, like the weights, into heights immeasurable.  Herein is the miracle: not that Sri Chinmoy far surpassed the fragile strengths of the human body but that God’s Compassion-Power acted in and through him to awaken humanity to the reality of the inner worlds and restore its faith in the spiritual life.  The sacred fires of this volcano shall burn forever.

By: Dr Vidagdha Bennett

Sydney, Australia, June 26th 1987