The Story of Sri Chinmoy's Calf Raises
Dr. Vidagdha Bennett


It was the first morning of summer, 1986. Shafts of sunlight streamed through the tall trees onto a solitary tennis court set in a wooded gully. The white retaining walls shone, (he deep green surface of the court glistened with dew and clusters of bright flowers along the embankment slowly awakened to the warmth. Here and there, however, the light glanced off something hard and metallic. At the far end of the court, nestled amongst climbing roses and miniature gardens, were a roman chair, a thin curl bench, an assortment of dumbbells and other items of weightlifting equipment. Pride of place in this intriguing collection had been given to a brand new standing calf raise machine.

This quiet enclave of paradise would soon resound with the clanging of iron plates as Sri Chinmoy embarked on one of the greatest adventures of our time: a journey to the edge of possibility, where human strength mingled with cosmic power — and the entire force of the universe seemed to be cradled in a tiny calf muscle.