Short Biography of Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual teacher dedicated to inspiring and serving those seeking a deeper meaning in life. Through his teaching of meditation, lectures and writings, and through his own life of dedicated service to humanity, he offered a simple path for others to find inner peace and fulfilment.

Born in Bengal in 1931, Sri Chinmoy entered an ashram (spiritual community) at the age of 12. His life of spiritual practice included meditation, together with writing poetry, essays and devotional songs, doing selfless service and practising athletics. He remained in the ashram for 20 years, deepening and expanding his realisation, and in 1964 came to New York City to share his inner wealth with sincere seekers.

Today, Sri Chinmoy serves as a spiritual guide to disciples in some 80 centres around the world. He teaches the "Path of the Heart," which he feels is the simplest way to make rapid spiritual progress. By meditating on the spiritual heart, he teaches, the seeker can discover his own inner treasures of peace, joy, light and love. The role of a spiritual teacher, according to Sri Chinmoy, is to help the seeker live so that these inner qualities can illumine their life.

In the traditional Indian fashion, Sri Chinmoy does not charge a fee for his spiritual guidance, nor does he charge for his frequent lectures, concerts or public meditations.

During his time in the West, Sri Chinmoy led an active life, demonstrating most vividly that spirituality is not an escape from the world, but a means of transforming it. He has written more than 1,400 books, which include plays, poems, stories, essays, commentaries and answers to questions on spirituality. He has painted some 140,000 widely exhibited mystical paintings and composed more than 17,000 devotional songs.

Sri Chinmoy entered mahasamadhi on October 11th 2007. Mahasamadhi is a yogi's conscious decision to leave the body.

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