" Spirituality is man's conscious longing for God. Spirituality tells us that God, who is unknowable today, will tomorrow become knowable and, the day after, will become totally known."

- Sri Chinmoy ( 1)


Spiritual Activities of Sri Chinmoy

Spirituality is at the heart of all of Sri Chinmoy's activities.

Through his extensive activites as diverse as art, weightlifting and music, Sri Chinmoy has sought to show spirituality need not involve retreating from the world but can be brought into all aspects of life.

" True spirituality is our conscious acceptance of life, not the annulment, not the negation, not the annihilation of life. We must needs accept life and radically change the face of life into the very image of our Beloved Supreme."

Other Topics

From an early age Sri Chinmoy studied extensively the Indian scriptures, this combined with his own inner experiences has enabled him to talk and write on spiritual subjects with great clarity and insight. These pages are selections of writings and commentaries on the philosophy of Sri Chinmoy.


Spiritual Articles

Articles based on the philosophy of Sri Chinmoy:

Spiritual luminaries

Sri Chinmoy has written extensively on great spiritual figures of the past and present eloquently appreciating their unique contributions. (more to follow)

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(1) Spirituality from Everest Aspiration

Photo source: Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries