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There are several albums of Sri Chinmoy's music available at Apple's popular iTunes. These include the best selling Flute Music for Meditation. There are also live Concert recordings from The Royal Albert Hall and Sydney Opera House. Requires downloading Apple's itunes.

Also requires Apple iPod to play.

university Blessingful Invitations from the University World sri-chinmoy Sri Chinmoy from Sydney Opera House


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from Radio Sri Chinmoy


Radio Sri Chinmoy has an extensive collection of music, including recordings by Sri Chinmoy and also music groups of the Sri Chinmoy Centres. Nearly all the music is devotional / spiritual music composed by Sri Chinmoy. As a prolific composer of songs (By 2006 Sri Chinmoy has composed nearly 17,000) there is a wide diversity of songs.

The different music groups of the Sri Chinmoy Centres also have varying styles. These range from the haunting and ethereal qualities of a group like Shindhu, to dynamic instrumental groups like Japaka's Orchestra. The home page is regularly updated with a variety of music and sound recordings.

Radio Sri Chinmoy also produce a Podcast of recorded stories "Inspiration Sounds" Inspiration Sounds is described as being a collection of "stories from the heart of the world"

Music by Sri Chinmoy
Meditation Music by other Performers
  • Sindhu - Heart Lotus - One of many Albums from Sindhu, sublime meditative music

  • Ananda - A British group of vocals, harmonium, guitar and violin

  • Japaka Orchestra - a dynamic group who put there own interpretations to the music of Sri Chinmoy. This recording uses Real Player




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