Six- and Ten Day Self-Transcendence Races have finished

The Six- and Ten Day Self-Transcendence Races have just finished in New York. These races are organised by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, which was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1977 as a service to the running community and has now become the largest organiser of long-distance running events in the world. During these multiday races the runners have to battle against the stresses and strains of the body and reduced sleep as they make their way around a one-mile loop over and over again. The amount of volunteers and support tents around the course create a real village atmosphere for both runners and helpers alike. Many people who do these races say the experience is a life-changing one, in that they have to go deep within themselves to find the inner strength to transcend their limitations and keep going.

The Ten-Day Race began on 25 April, and the Six-Day on 1 May so both could finish at the same time. Both races combined attracted a record field of 80 runners from all around the world. The men’s Ten Day race was won by Petr Spacil from the Czech Republic with a total of 670 miles, only 14 miles ahead of his nearest challenger and long-time leader Glen Turner. Surasa Maier from Austria dominated the ladies’ field with 595 miles, setting the best time of the day 9 out of the 10 days. Her fellow Austrian Tatyana Jauk came in second, and Pratishruti Kisamoutdinova from Russia – who is 63 years young – came in third with 507 miles.

The Six-Day Race men’s honours went to Asprihanal Aalto from Finland with 505 miles. Asprihanal is a three-time winner of the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race, which is the longest foot race in the world and is also held in New York in June. Dipali Cunningham from Australia won the women’s race with 443 miles, taking best day honours in each of the six days. Dipali has won every edition of the Six-Day Race since it started, and broke the world Six-Day record in this race in 2001 with 510 miles, a mark which still stands.

Personal websites of Sri Chinmoy’s students

Quite a few students of Sri Chinmoy have set up their own spaces on the Internet where they can share inspiration, give an insight into the joys and challenges of the spiritual life, and share some of the experiences they have had with their teacher. Ashrita has been meditating with Sri Chinmoy for over 35 years. In 1978 he felt an inner calling to transcend his capacities by breaking Guinness World Records – and thats what he’s been doing for the past 29 years! He now holds over 60 records, by far the most records held by one person. His recent blog has accounts of record breaking attempts, travel stories, and humorous asides on life in general.

Jogyata Dallas’s site at Sri Chinmoy Centre: Jogyata hails from Auckland, New Zealand and has been a student of Sri Chinmoy’s for 25 years. Jogyata’s writing has great depth and feeling and captures a real sense of the adventure that is the spiritual life, as he shares the ups and downs of his own journey and relates lots of nice experiences he has had over the years with Sri Chinmoy and with other students. Sumangali Morhall has a tremendous talent for prose and poetry, much of which can be viewed on her personal section of the Sri Chinmoy Centre site. She has only just started in the last couple of months, but we definitely look forward to some writing gems from her new site. Richard is webmaster of, the most comprehensive collection of spiritual poetry on the Internet. In addition, he is quite a good amateur cyclist, finishing 4th in the National Championships in 2005. His personal site and blog contains a potpourri of articles about meditation, spirituality, cycling, economics (his day job) and a lot of humour!