Oneness-Dream in California

Oneness-Dream is an all male acapella singing group who perform the songs of Sri Chinmoy; recently they visited the West coast of California to perform several concerts.


Several concerts took place in former Spanish missions which were established during the early years of California in the Eighteenth Century. Many missions have been since abandoned, but a peace still endures in these former places of worship.

The concerts included:

  • “Pilgrimage of the Heart” yoga studio, San Diego
  •  Sri Chinmoy Centre, San Diego (practice concert)
  •  Mission Church at San Juan Capistrano
  •  Mission Church at San Buenaventura
  •  Mission Church at La Purisma Conception Lomboc
  •  Mission Church at San Miquel Archangel
  •  Mission Church at San Carlos Borromeo Carmel
  •  Mission Church at San Juan Bautista
  •  Mission Church at Santa Cruz
  •  By Sri Chinmoy’s Statue at Narada’s residence
  •  Mission Church at San Francisco Solana, Sonoma
  •  Outside concert by the Giant Redwoods of California.
  • Mission Dolores in San Francisco
Oneness-Dream at the Mission at San Miguel

The aim of the group is to offer the music and songs of Sri Chinmoy in its purest and simplest form. Sri Chinmoy composed over 20,000 songs during his lifetime – songs which express a variety of spiritual emotions and can be very conducive for meditation.

“Music is psychic enlightenment. Music is the supreme fulfilment of the aspiring human soul.”

Sri Chinmoy, Sound and Silence, Part 2, Agni Press, 1982

Group members visit Golden Gate Park where Sri Chinmoy began his long-distance running career in the late 1970s. Sri Chinmoy planted a tree close to where his first long-distance running event took place.


San Diego Sri Chinmoy Centre

Statue of Sri Chinmoy in Narada’s garden
Ananda Fuara – A vegetarian restaurant run by members of San Francisco Sri Chinmoy Centre members.

The group received hospitality from the San Francisco and San Diego Sri Chinmoy Centres during their week long tour.

To listen to Oneness-Dream, you can visit this recording from Radio Sri Chinmoy

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