Peace run in Africa

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home peace run is currently travelling through the great continent of Africa. The run has already visited South Africa, Ethiopia and Zambia, and in coming weeks, the Peace Run team will visit countries, such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, Burundi and Ruwanda. A full itinerary can be viewed here – Africa Peace Run

The Peace Run team comprises international volunteers from Africa and around the world; the aim of the run is to spread the ideals of friendship, peace and harmony. It provides a dynamic way for people to share their aspirations for peace and a better world. Young and old have already enthusiastically embraced the Peace Run as it makes its way around Africa.


A great feature of the Peace Run is the spontaneous meetings. Many people see the flaming torch and join in for a while, as the run passes by the side of the road. Continue reading “Peace run in Africa”

Prague concert at Dvorak hall

Recently, the Prague Sri Chinmoy Centre organised a Songs of the Soul concert at the prestigious Rudolfinum’s Dvořák Hall. The concert featured excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s own recorded concert performances and also live performances by Gandharva Loka. Gandharva Loka, who have performed at venues across the globe, offered their arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music to a packed audience. Other performers on the night included: Alap (duduk) and Lukas (percuse), Adesh (sitar) and Sadanand (tabla), Paree’s singing group, Premik (flute) and Vapushtara with a version of Rama Ramgava (piano).


Orchestra on stage.

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World Gratitude Day 2013

September 21 is World Gratitude Day, an opportunity to cultivate and remember the importance of gratitude. World Gratitude day was first celebrated by the United Nations Meditation Group in 1977, following an idea of Sri Chinmoy.


Sri Chinmoy has written countless poems, aphorisms and discourses on the power and benefits of gratitude.

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Happiness exhibition in Zurich

In Zurich a happiness exhibition at the Vegelateria restaurant offered some insights into the quest for peace and happiness.



The exhibition was inspired by the recent publication of a book called “The Jewels of Happiness”. The book was written by author, creative artist and renowned peace visionary Sri Chinmoy; it offers timeless wisdom and simple exercises for readers of all backgrounds. The complete audio book was released on March 12th with a launch on March 19th in New York City. Luminaries from all walks of life reach read a chapter from The Jewels of Happiness – including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Addwitiya Roberta Flack, Narada Michael Walden and Sudhahota Carl Lewis! Perfectly suited to our fast-paced lifestyles, The Jewels of Happiness includes short, insightful sections full of uplifting wisdom, charming aphorisms and easy to learn exercises. Each section stands on its own-with the entire book forming a tapestry of inspiration. “You can have the most joy just by imagining a child infinitely more beautiful than any child that you have seen in this world,” writes Sri Chinmoy. “You have inside you a child who is infinitely more beautiful. Just imagine it. While imagining it, you will get utmost joy.” Each of the 13 chapters in The Jewels of Happiness is on a different theme, such as peace, joy, patience, enthusiasm, sincerity, love, self-giving, humility, compassion, self-transcendence, simplicity and forgiveness.

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Statue of Sri Chinmoy in Ipswich

Recently a statue of Sri Chinmoy holding a Peace Torch was dedicated at Chantery Park, Ipswich; the statue was a gift from the Oneness-Home Peace Run, and marked the culmination of a week long Peace Run from Cardiff to Ipswich.

Statue with Mayor of Ipswich and sculptor Kaivalya Torpy

Sri Chinmoy visited Ipswich on two occasions, in the the 1980s and 1990s, and the city is a member of the Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossoms programme. Several athletic events have also been offered by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in Ipswich over the years.

The organiser of the event, Martin Spettigue commented that:

“We want to offer something that will inspire people to think more and more about peace and to understand how important peace is to an individual.”

The Mayor of Ipswich offered his gratitude to the Peace Run team for kindly offering this symbol of peace and said it would be a great asset to Chantery Park.

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Auckland a Peace City

Members of the Auckland Sri Chinmoy Centre recently took part in a multi-cultural ceremony to help launch Auckland as a Peace city.


The 8th June 2013, saw the DVD launch of ‘Nuclear Free New Zealand: Auckland the Peace City’, a commemorative video documentary recapturing the highlights of last years high-level dedication of Auckland as a City for Peace. The 2012 ceremony in Auckland’s Aotea Square gathered generations of nuclear-free campaigners, peace organizations, keynote speakers from environmental and civic organizations, and musicians from all over New Zealand in a public outpouring of support for peace and a reliving and affirmation of the David Lange led campaign to establish a nuclear-free nation.

Efforts to forge peace through the Auckland Peace City Declaration received further impetus this week when His Holiness The Dalai Lama signed the Auckland Peace City citation yesterday in the presence of veteran and passionate peace campaigners, as well as Auckland Council representatives.

Sri Chinmoy Centre members were very active in the original ceremony – speeches; the full World Harmony Run team on stage throughout with several flaming torches; our runners in the procession representing the scores of support organizations; and media interviews – and last Saturday’s commemorative video launch had us again meeting up with our many friends from 2012.

The Auckland City for Peace Declaration was first adopted by the Auckland City Council in 2011, recognising its role in the promotion of a culture of peace based on social, economic and environmental justice, tolerance and non-violence.

Hosting last weekend’s event was the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Buddhist group, with Auckland Mayor Len Brown among the many personalities who met up with our World Harmony Run-attired Centre members. “Auckland was at the forefront of 1985’s nuclear free movement”, he commented, “ and to be declaring ourselves as a City for Peace on the 25th anniversary of that decision is very fitting. “

The Blue Bird café provided refreshments after the video screening, which featured a lengthy, excellent interview with our Sri Chinmoy Centre member Hridayinee Williams. A great interfaith, multi-cultural, oneness-heart gathering of peace-lovers!


Inspiration-Letters: Past lives edition

This months edition of Inspiration Letters is focused on the theme of ‘past lives’; a diverse collection of writers offer several different interpretations of what this topic means to them.


Thoughts and memories of past lives – introduction by Mahiruha

 “… My Past Life” could also refer to the life I lived before I encountered Sri Chinmoy, before I started practicing spirituality. I had so many problems!  But, after ten years meditating with Guru, he gave me the name “Mahiruha”. The basic meaning of this name is two-fold: “speed” and “aspiration”. In other words, if I identify myself with my soul’s quality of aspiring speed or fast aspiration, then I don’t have to worry or obsess over my difficulties. By
aspiring sincerely and self-givingly, the problems that once loomed so large in my life will not be able to forever intimidate me….”

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Live music streaming from radio Sri Chinmoy

At Radio Sri Chinmoy, we have published a new live streaming channel, which offers a range of music composed by Sri Chinmoy and performed by a variety of music groups.


The channel, World Harmony Mix, features a large array of musical performances from music groups such as Temple-Song-Hearts, Ananda, Mountain Silence Ghandarva Loka, and Shindhu.

The channel offers a very relaxing and energising musical accompaniment.

“Music is the mother tongue of humanity. God is the Supreme Musician. It is through music that we can enter into the universal harmony. It is through music that God’s Beauty is being manifested in His all loving Creation.”

– Sri Chinmoy [1]


Listen Now



[1] Sri Chinmoy, The Vedas: Immortality’s First Call, Agni Press, 1972.

Temple Song Hearts XII

On Radio Sri Chinmoy we have recently published Temple-Song-Hearts XII, the 12th album from this popular music group.


Temple-Song-Hearts are an all-female group, devoted to performing the music of Sri Chinmoy; they are based in the UK. In this album, Temple-Song-Hearts offer a powerful and soulful interpretation of Sri Chinmoy’s music.

Other recent recordings at Radio Sri Chinmoy by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre include:

Stories at Sri Chinmoy Centre

A new section at Sri Chinmoy publishes a wide variety of accounts written by students of Sri Chinmoy. These stories include how and why people felt drawn to following a spiritual life. There are also written accounts of meditation functions with Sri Chinmoy and other experiences on Sri Chinmoy’s path.


These stories gave a glimpse into the diverse experience of being a student of Sri Chinmoy, and how it can open up a new world of possibilities. It is also interesting to see how people from all walks of life can be drawn together by the common goal of seeking a deeper meaning to life.

“A seeker is he who fulfils his soulful promises both to Heaven and to earth. His self-giving role fulfils his promise to Heaven, His self-ascending role fulfils his promise to earth. To give is to become. To ascend is to become. He gives what he has and what he is, and eventually he sees and grows into the universal Reality.”

– Sri Chinmoy [1]

We hope you enjoy these short stories, photos and listings; we will be adding more over the next few months.



[1] Sri Chinmoy, Simplicity, Sincerity, Purity And Divinity, Agni Press, 1987.

New Talk on Peace from Oslo

At Sri Chinmoy TV we have published a new video taken during Oslo Peace Week in 2001, in which Sri Chinmoy meditates and talks on the quality of peace.

View video at Sri Chinmoy TV

Sri Chinmoy sometimes described himself as a student of peace, and he dedicated his life to spreading the ideal of peace. Sri Chinmoy wrote many poems on the quality of peace.

I enjoy peace
Only when I am not afraid
Of changing my stubborn mind.

Sri Chinmoy (Peace-Blossom-Fragrance, Part 1, Agni Press, 1994. )

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