The Spiritual Heart


“It is better to meditate in the heart than in the mind. The mind is like Times Square on New Year’s Eve; the heart is like a lonely cave in the Himalayas. If you meditate in the mind, you will be able to meditate for perhaps five minutes; and out of that five minutes, for one minute you may meditate powerfully. After that you will feel your whole head getting tense. First you get joy and satisfaction; then you may feel a barren desert. But if you meditate in the heart, you acquire the capacity to identify yourself with the joy and satisfaction that you get, and then it becomes permanently yours.”

– Sri Chinmoy, Wings of Joy

The Heart Lotus – Meditation Silence exercise at Sri Chinmoy TV

What is a Good Meditation?

“…You can also know whether you had a good meditation by the way you feel afterwards. If peace, light, love and joy have come to the fore from within as a result of your meditation, then you will know that you have meditated well.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Excerpt from: Am I Meditating Well? by Sri Chinmoy



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Secrets of Meditation

Jogyata Dallas of Auckland, New Zealand has written an entertaining and insightful look at meditation, in a recent set of articles entitled – Seven Secrets of Meditation he explains some of the essential aspects of a successful meditation practice. These include sincerity, aspiration and the spiritual heart.


“Meditation is man’s thirst for the Infinite Real, Eternal Real and Absolute Real. The secret of meditation is to achieve conscious and constant oneness with God.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Meditation Classes in New York

The New York Sri Chinmoy Centre offer free meditation classes throughout the year. Recently, a new course was offered in Manhattan. Over 200 people attended the course which taught beginners the basics of meditation.

NY Manhattan
NY Manhattan - meditation class

My meditation
Is my soul’s
Soundless sound-conversation
With my Inner Pilot.

– Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy’s Path of Meditation

Sri Chinmoy’s path of meditation shares many similarities with other types of meditation. In particular Sri Chinmoy teaches the benefit of meditating in the spiritual heart. Sri Chinmoy feels if people could leave the mind and enter into the heart, then it is much easier to quell the restless thoughts which usually disturb our mind.

“You must direct your full, intense concentration on the heart. You must feel that you are not the mind. You have to feel that you are growing into the heart. You are only the heart and nothing else.”

– Sri Chinmoy [The Mind and the Heart ]