World’s Largest Pencil Moves to St Louis

This August a team of builders, under the direction of Ashrita Furman, built the world’s largest pencil. Measuring 76 feet, the pencil was built to maintain the exact proportions of a standard pencil. You can read about the pencil’s building here

The Guiness Record Breaking pencil was built to honour Sri Chinmoy’s 76th birthday

The Pencil has been lying in Jamaica, Queens, but has now found a home at a museum in St Louis.

The pencil is so large it showed up on satellite screens, prompting a visit by local police officers; they were relieved to find it was a giant pencil, rather than a missile!

Bob Cassilly, the founder of the St Louis City Museum said he was happy to take the unusual pencil. He said: “We’re sort of like opportunists and we don’t have a plan, the museum just grows organically by whatever goes our way.”

The pencil had to be cut in half to be transported