New world music store in Dublin

The latest branch of Gandharva Loka – world music stores inspired by Sri Chnmoy’s philosophy – has just been opened in Dublin’s Temple Bar district.


The store is filled with instruments from all over the world, with instruments for beginners and experienced players alike.


Sri Chinmoy felt that music was a universal way to bring peace and hapiness into the world.

In the spiritual world, next to meditation is music, the breath of music. Meditation is silence, energising and fulfilling. Silence is the eloquent expression of the inexpressible. – Sri Chinmoy




New music at Radio Sri Chinmoy

At Radio Sri Chinmoy, we have published several new recordings, including esraj music by Sri Chinmoy and arrangements offered at a recent April celebrations.

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Aspiration – Delight – This wonderful recording from 1978 captures an early esraj recording of Sri Chinmoy. The esraj has a soft haunting quality that creates a very meditative atmosphere.

April Celebrations Part 1 – Featuring live recordings from groups such as Ananda, Agnikana’s group, Heart-Dawn and Mountain-Silence

Excerpts from the Jewels of Happiness audiobook. 17 luminaries from around the world read extracts from Sri Chinmoy’s book – The Jewels of Happiness.

The smile of your infinity’s dawn – Anahata. A dynamic arrangement of Sri Chinmoy’s music

Interfaith ceremony at United Nations

A choir of singers from Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations gave the opening performance at a special event called ‘United for a Culture of Peace through Interfaith Harmony’ which took place at the UN in New York. Guest speakers included the President of the General Assembly H.E. Mr. Vuk Jeremić, Deputy Secretary-General H.E. Amb. Jan Eliasson, and a host of UN diplomats, ambassadors, and interfaith leaders.


In 1970, then Secretary-General U Thant invited Sri Chinmoy to conduct twice-weekly non-denominational peace meditations for delegates and staff at the United Nations. The singers included current and past UN workers, and have been performing Sri Chinmoy’s songs for many years at the United Nations and around the world.

The event also included videos of World Interfaith Harmony week celebrations around the world, a symphony of peace prayers, and a World Peace Flag ceremony.

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New Radio Recordings

Recently, at Radio Sri Chinmoy, we have published a selection of new recordings by various members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Music plays an important role in the spiritual path of Sri Chinmoy, and his students often arrange and perform his music for CDs and in public performances.

Sri Chinmoy writes:

Music is inspiration, soulful inspiration. It inspires the human in us. Music is manifestation, fruitful manifestation. It manifests the divine in us. Music is satisfaction, supreme satisfaction. It satisfies the Pilot Supreme in us. (The Vision-Sky of California)

Recent recordings at Radio Sri Chinmoy, include:

  • Paramanande – An album of Sri Chinmoy’s songs performed by the talented Achenbach family from Vienna. Using Western classical instruments, they offer a soulful instrumental performance of Sri Chinmoy’s music.
  • Songs of Peace and Light A selection of songs and arrangements from a recent concert in the Christ Lutheran church in New York. Performed and directed by Paree Atkins.
  • Endless Energy, sleepless speed Songs for the inner runner. Songs of dynamism, arranged by Premik and vocals performed by Satisfaction-Cry and Lotus Groves.

Also a Guided Meditation

A Guided meditation by Kaivalya. Sri Chinmoy’s student give many meditation classes. Guided meditations are a popular exercise during these classes. This is a simple breathing exercise.


Songs about Jesus Christ by Mountain Silence

At Radio Sri Chinmoy, we have recently published a new recording by Mountain-Silence, featuring songs about Jesus Christ.


Mountain-Silence are a group of female musicians from Switzerland, Austria and other surrounding countries. Over the past few years, they have extensively toured around Europe, offering concerts of spiritual music.

In their repertoire, they have recorded several songs, composed by Sri Chinmoy about the Saviour Jesus Christ. Some songs are based on quotations from the Bible, others songs are dedicated to Jesus Christ – either in Bengali or English.

Sri Chinmoy said of the Saviour Christ:

“As the beloved Son of God, Jesus Christ came into the world to become part and parcel of earth’s existence, and to transform its consciousness from human to divine. True, his mortal years numbered a mere thirty-three, but birthless and deathless is His immortal sacrifice for Heaven and earth.” [1]

Other Albums featuring songs about Jesus Christ



[1] Excerpt from World-Destruction: Never, Impossible! Part 1 by Sri Chinmoy.

New at Radio Sri Chinmoy

In the past couple of weeks, there have been some exciting new releases at Radio Sri Chinmoy, including music and recordings by Sri Chinmoy.


Recent Releases by Sri Chinmoy

Recent Releases by Students of Sri Chinmoy

  • Silence & Sound Rageshri and Kushali – haunting music from these talented musicians.
  • Meditative classic – Minati’s group – Beautiful music for meditation by female musical group from Germany.
  • August Celebrations 2012 – Various recordings by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Mantras for Meditation

At Radio Sri Chinmoy we have published a popular CD of mantras useful for incorporating into meditation exercises.


These short mantric songs were composed by Sri Chinmoy and are fairly easy to learn by heart. Sri Chinmoy teaches that music can offer us a real meditation experience. Singing these mantras can help us to leave the mind and enter into the heart.

Sri Chinmoy writes of meditation and music:

“Meditation and music cannot be separated. When we cry from the inmost recesses of our heart for Peace, Light and Bliss, that is the best type of meditation. We cannot meditate twenty-four hours a day, but we can meditate, say, for two hours a day. Then we can play music or we can listen to music for a couple of hours a day. Next to meditation is music. But it has to be soulful music, the music that stirs and elevates our aspiring consciousness. When we play soulful music, psychic music, then immediately we are transported to the highest realm of consciousness. When we play music soulfully, we go high, higher, highest.”

Sri Chinmoy, God The Supreme Musician, Agni Press, 1976.

The mantras were recorded by British music group Ananda

Oneness Dream Songs

Oneness Dream is an international all-male a cappella choir, dedicated to performing the songs of Sri Chinmoy.


Sri Chinmoy saw music as a pure language of the heart, and a way to celebrate the underlying unity of humanity.

“Music is the language of God. God’s language, music, is not like mathematics or geometry. It is a language of love. If we love music, that is enough.”

– Sri Chinmoy 1

Oneness Dream have performed in churches and temples in different parts of the world.

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Kamakura Buddha

At Radio Sri Chinmoy there is a new recording by Hiya Bhasha of songs dedicated to the Lord Buddha. Some of these songs were composed by Sri Chinmoy after he visited the Kamakura Buddha, in 1982, on a visit to Japan.


Recently, members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre offered a Songs of the Soul concert at Kamakura as part of a Japanese tour. The musicians also performed by the great Kamakura statue.

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Concert De Paix

At Radio Sri Chinmoy, there is a new recording of one of Sri Chinmoy’s Peace Concerts from the 1980s in Paris.

Concert de PaixConcert de Paix features Sri Chinmoy playing on the flute, esraj, and his own soulful singing.

After the concert, the prestigious French newspaper Le Monde remarked the “extraordinary sociological fact” that “a single man, simply by standing with folded hands, is able to impose several minutes of silence upon thousands of people of varied origins.” The reporter went on to say,“Curiously, one had the feeling that the crowd had not come for the music but rather for what was in between the compositions, that is, the inner peace that the sound only served to prolong.”

Listen Online

Concert de Paix – at Radio Sri Chinmoy

Radio Sri Chinmoy Streaming Channel

At Radio Sri Chinmoy, we have a new streaming channel featuring some of Sri Chinmoy’s vocal recordings.

The Streaming channel is available using Windows Media player, iTunes, Flash and Winamp.

See home page of for details.

We will be adding more streaming channels and also adding new content to Radio Sri Chinmoy, in the near future.

Sri Chinmoy was a prolific composer of songs. He often performed his own compositions at his 777 Peace Concerts which he offered around the world during his lifetime.