Impossibility Challenger

The Impossibility Challenger World Record games are an opportunity for participants to engage in a variety of record attempts and challenges. The event is organised by the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Munich, Germany. The Impossibility Challenger offers individuals the opportunity for self-transcendence in numerous ways.

Ripping Telephone Book
Ripping Telephone Book
Don't Try this at Home
 Milan Roskopf juggling with three chainsaws - Don't Try this at Home...
Skipping Stilts
Chasing record for Skipping on Stilts

If we believe
In our own
Then there can be
No unreachable goal.

– Sri Chinmoy

New Record in 6 Day Race

Australian Dipali Cunningham from Melbourne surpassed her own world record in the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Six Day Race. In 6 days, she completed 513 miles an average of 85.5 miles per day. (or just short of 20 marathons in 6 days)
6 and 10 Day Race
6 and 10 Day Race Winners

In second place was American Pam Reed, 48, who set an American record for her age groups with 490 miles- At her first attempt at a 6 day race.

Darren Worts, 38, USA won for the men with 420 miles

In the Ten Day, Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk,53,from Germany won with an amazing 777 miles. This was the 3rd longest distance in any 10 day race.

Kaneenika Janakova,38, from Slovakia won the ladies’ Ten Day event with 707 miles. A personal best and her second consecutive victory.

There was a field of 44 in the 10 Day and 36 in the Six Day.

Results at Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

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Photo Gallery by Jowan

Sri Chinmoy Multi Day Races 2009

6 10 Day Race
6 and 10 Day Race

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, 6 and 10 Day Race is underway at Flushing Meadows, New York

6 and 10 Day Self Transcendence Race 2008

6 day race

Photo at the start of 6 and 10 Day Race, organised by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team which began on April 23rd 2008.

The 6 and 10 Day race has been organised for several years by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon team. This year it is held in Flushing meadows park, near to the Tennis compound used in the US Open.

The 6 and 10 Day race is not so much a competition against others. But, offers an unique chance for self-transcendence, where runners seek to transcend their own capacities. Continue reading “6 and 10 Day Self Transcendence Race 2008”

Latest Book: My Cycling

sri chinmoy cycling

In August, 2007, AUM publications published a new book. “My Cycling Experiences”

This is a collection of anecdotes about Sri Chinmoy’s experiences of cycling.

These stories range from childhood reminiscences in Chittagong to completing the Pepsi 24 hour cycling challenge in the 1970s.

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team entered the 24 hours cycle race around Central Park, New York from 1977 to 1979.

Sri Chinmoy’s best 24 hour distance was 230 miles in 1978. 1978 also saw Ashrita Furman, a student of Sri Chinmoy’s, complete 405 miles. This cycling race was a key event in encouraging Ashrita that he could break Guinness World Records, and he now has the distinction of holding more than anyone else on the planet.

Speaking on the significance of cycling. Sri Chinmoy wrote:

“While we are cycling, we are reminding ourselves of evolution, of how the world is evolving in cycles. When we think of our planet, we think of a wheel turning: our life also is revolving like a wheel. So cycling reminds us of the process of evolution and of how everything goes in cycles.”

My Cycling Experiences by Sri Chinmoy, AUM Publications, 2007

The Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team is currently active in the UK.

(Photo of Sri Chinmoy, Pepsi 24 hour Cycling Race, 1978.)

Sri Chinmoy Races UK

Sri Chinmoy A.C. has been promoting running races in the UK for the past 20 years. In 2007 there is a varied programme of races from short 2 mile “Self Transcendence Races” to the 24 hour Track Race in Tooting Bec, London.

London Races

Edinburgh Races

Cardiff Races

Oxford Races

Bristol Races

Cambridge Races

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Six- and Ten Day Self-Transcendence Races have finished

The Six- and Ten Day Self-Transcendence Races have just finished in New York. These races are organised by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, which was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1977 as a service to the running community and has now become the largest organiser of long-distance running events in the world. During these multiday races the runners have to battle against the stresses and strains of the body and reduced sleep as they make their way around a one-mile loop over and over again. The amount of volunteers and support tents around the course create a real village atmosphere for both runners and helpers alike. Many people who do these races say the experience is a life-changing one, in that they have to go deep within themselves to find the inner strength to transcend their limitations and keep going.

The Ten-Day Race began on 25 April, and the Six-Day on 1 May so both could finish at the same time. Both races combined attracted a record field of 80 runners from all around the world. The men’s Ten Day race was won by Petr Spacil from the Czech Republic with a total of 670 miles, only 14 miles ahead of his nearest challenger and long-time leader Glen Turner. Surasa Maier from Austria dominated the ladies’ field with 595 miles, setting the best time of the day 9 out of the 10 days. Her fellow Austrian Tatyana Jauk came in second, and Pratishruti Kisamoutdinova from Russia – who is 63 years young – came in third with 507 miles.

The Six-Day Race men’s honours went to Asprihanal Aalto from Finland with 505 miles. Asprihanal is a three-time winner of the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race, which is the longest foot race in the world and is also held in New York in June. Dipali Cunningham from Australia won the women’s race with 443 miles, taking best day honours in each of the six days. Dipali has won every edition of the Six-Day Race since it started, and broke the world Six-Day record in this race in 2001 with 510 miles, a mark which still stands.

Sri Chinmoy Triathlon Festival 2007

This year’s Sri Chinmoy Triathlon Festival has just wrapped up in
Canberra, Australia. But this is not really a race report. It’s just
some words about the experience of helping to make it happen. We
started setting up for the event last Wednesday, in the idyllic
environment of Yarralumla Bay. The green lawn slopes gently down to
the strip of golden sand that borders Lake Burley Griffin. Big leafy
trees provide shade and respite from the often merciless summer sun.
Small picturesque islands can be seen from the shore. Swans and
various waterfowl glide placidly across the surface of the lake.
Sometimes you can recognise a swan family you saw a few months back,
when a little troop of fuzzy grey cygnets trailed behind their elegant
parents. This time the young are bigger, two-thirds adult size, but
still covered in grey down, yet to sprout the sleek black feathers
that signify maturity.

This year the traditional long-course event was replaced with a longer
one, featuring a 3.2km swim, 120km ride, and 30km run. The weather in
the week leading up to the event was strange and unpredictable. The
almost constant fine weather was broken by thunderstorms. Then on
Tuesday Canberra experienced its most ferocious hailstorm in decades.
The next morning saw drifts of hail piled up in the city, more than a
foot deep in some places, like snow. Very, very odd conditions to be
found at the tail end of a typically hot summer down under. But all
this ice and water had the beneficial effect of topping up our lake,
which had been quite low of late.

So after the dramatic leadup, we were blessed with clear blue skies
when the first race started on Friday. The childrens’ Joyathon races
are a fun way to start the Festival, with many youngsters lining up
for their first triathlon. Most of the bikes are too small to fit on
the bicycle racks, so they are parked underneath, using the kickstand…

to be continued!

By: Rathin Boulton, originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group

Results from Sri Chinmoy Triathlon at Sri Chinmoy Races

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