New e-book by 3100 Mile Race winner Grahak Cunningham

Grahak Cunningham, a four-time finisher and 2012 winner of the world’s longest certified road race, has just published Beyond the Marathon: Insights into the Longest Foot Race in the World.

grahakLoaded with training tips, anecdotes and race stories, this book takes you on the journey from Grahak’s first race in 2007 as a multiday novice to his ultimate victory in 2012.

The Self- Transcendence 3100 Mile Race is held every year on a concrete footpath around an 883-metre block in Queens, New York. The race was founded in 1997 by fitness guru Sri Chinmoy as a testament to the endless possibilities of the human spirit.

A quote from the book cover: “Competitors must contend with boredom, fatigue, torrential deluges, extreme pain, injuries and sleep deprivation—but most of all, they have to deal with themselves. Outwardly for their efforts they will receive a plastic trophy and a t-shirt; inwardly, they make a lifetime of progress.

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