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We are very grateful for the many kind words which have been flowing in from all corners of the world, and which illustrate how many lives Sri Chinmoy has touched, inspired and illumined in his 76 years on earth. Those of you wishing to leave a tribute please feel free to add it via the comment form below.


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  1. I sent this letter to the New York Times :

    The liberal Israeli novelist Amos Oz once wrote that, at the end of the 20th century, we had all expected to enter the 21st century, and what a surprise that instead we would head into the 9th, of religious war and extremism. And so it was a bittersweet pleasure to read in the Times its extensive generous coverage of the death of Sri Chinmoy, who recognized the
    inherently peaceful nature of all the world’s religions.
    For many decades, and even more urgently now in Oz’s strife-torn “9th century,” Chinmoy has been one of the world’s most exuberant and appealing voices, including through music and painting and poetry, for moderation and healing and reconciliation. He will be missed, and yet his universal message will be carried forward, both by his community and by all peoples of similar views — whether or not they have even heard of him — of all the world’s faiths and outlooks.

  2. Long will we miss our beloved Guru and his life of leadership by example of righteous God loving and God serving ceaseless devotion. Long will we cherish the memories of being with him in person. Long will we feel his eternal presence and guidance. Jai, Jai,and Jai Gurudeva.

  3. When I heard of Sri Chinmoy’s passing, a tremendous shock wave propagated through my entire being. I have been most fortunate to be his student for the last 17 years. Out of his unconditional love and compassion, he has done so very much in a tangible visible way for me and my family. I shall be eternally grateful to you, my beloved Guru.

  4. My Dearest Guru,

    I gave you my children, my precious jewels, and placed them at Your Feet when they were one month and 2 years old.

    Your Narendra, “King among men, Supreme among men,” whose golden curls fell gently to his shoulders, and Your Durdam, “Indomitable Divine Warrior,” who wrestled You into a headlock and later wiped away Your tears.

    My joy knew no bounds as I watched them gaze into Your eyes, Your image reflecting on their young faces.

    Two brothers, dressed alike, who belonged to You and to each other. You were more father than I was mother.

    My boys are grown up now. Your Light is brighter in their eyes than my pride.

    Thank you, Guru, for Your Love, Your Compassion, Your Concern, Your Pride, Your Blessings and Your Joy. We will share Your Love with the whole world. I will not fail You.

    Your spiritual daughter of 37 years,

  5. Sri Chinmoy,
    I was so grateful to thank you in person in Munich for helping me when you visited Cape Town. I had lost hope and you gave me hope. Thank you for your friendship ,for putting your life down for the cause of Peace. Peace is not the absence of wars but a flood of love into the human family. You are that flood of love and may the peace that you radiated be reflected in the hearts of all those you have touched. The past is dust and my own gratitude heart is all that matters. Thank you for teaching me so much and enlightening me. Shanti Shanti Shanti

  6. Pearls of Light infinite radiate
    This unique Truth
    Sri Chinmoy’s love, devotion and surrender-life
    Will reverberate in the heart of our planet earth
    For centuries to come.
    Like the seeds from so many Peace Concerts,
    His musical Love-offerings will blossom
    In life”s own timeline.
    Sri Chinmoy’s artistic pen name
    CKG the creative artist
    Gave birth to the fountain-art “Jharna-Kala”
    Producing and innundating the art world with
    Millions of delightful Soul-birds.
    His thousands of melodious songs will flow
    Like an endless river
    In the heart-core of every loving seeker.
    The wisdom-Light of His mantric poetry
    Will give hope, comfort and joy to present and
    Future generations.
    The silence of our beloved, Guru Sri Chinmoy
    Will speak unendingly through the goodness
    Of each and every human being.
    The end of Sri Chinmoy’s physical life
    Is the beginning of a very special descent
    Of a new force-
    Silent, free, and in essence
    Of the Supreme’s consciousness
    In its very nature.
    We bow to the One full of divine-consciousness
    In eternal gratitude.
    Sri Chinmoy’s following quote summarizes
    The depth of his message:
    “Man eternal question is:
    ‘Who is God?’
    God’s immediate answer is:
    ‘My child, who else is God,
    If not you?’”

    We His children of Light
    Pray His message Supreme will be
    With us forever and ever.

    Montreal, Canada
    35 priviledged years with My beloved Guru
    On Mother-Earth

  7. A righteous soul to earth descends,
    Save for one purpose:
    Manifesting divinity’s light.

    God-seekers gather
    To listen,
    To learn,
    To achieve the ultimate goal.
    Their required passport —

    Light-flooded eyes arrow —
    Longing hearts.
    Peace-bound consciousness transmissible.
    Joy attainment,
    Happiness compass,
    Imbued gratitude.
    Your presence, our redemption.

    Alas! Fleeting time has no compassion.
    Too soon,
    Too soon.
    The silver thread disconnects.

    Good-bye forever?
    No, never, ever

    In golden light
    God’s arms receive and enfold you.
    Our oneness-hearts
    Connect to your inner guidance,
    Forever enjoying victory dance.

    With gratitude, Anasuya
    Montreal, Canada

  8. Sri Chinmoy will be sadly missed by his disciples and anyone whose heart he has touched. Through his spiritual teachings, he has made us aware of our Supreme, our God and our inner pilot who are one and the same.

    He ranks among the greatest spiritual teachers that have ever graced this earth.

    He has recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which in our opinion, he has earned many times over for his good works toward achieving lasting peace in the world.

    He will live for ever in the hearts of his disciples and will continue to be concerned about our spiritual well
    being as he has promised.

  9. How can we be unhappy? We could live on earth exactly at the time of Sri Chinmoy’s presence and his vision could and can be continuously devoured to our heart`s content. The reason why my soul took this most precious incarnation is that I can learn how to approach and love God sincerely, soulfully and unconditionally. I wish that the essence of Guru’s teaching will unfold like petals of a rose and that Mother Earth will absorb it fully over the time.

  10. Only once in a thousand years comes a man truly dedicated to peace and harmony amongst nations.He gave hope where there was no hope.What is important now is not to stop but to continue to do the plan of life
    that we were taught to do.Meet, Congregate, play his music,read his poems,meditate,strive for athletic fitness.
    Remember the body is the Temple of God.May God Bless Sri Chimnoy.Be Happy for him.For Sri is in HIS hands.

  11. This simple God-loving man served his countryman and his global family with his utmost love, sincerity and devotion. He spontaneously, soulfully and fearlessly challenged with all of his physical might, heart’s strength, creative ability and determination all that was placed before him, for only one reason: to show us all just what can be achieved when we live a prayerful and meditative life in full service to God and mankind through the soul’s infinite capacities. He devoted his life to serving his dream of promoting humanity’s oneness, unconditional love and compassion.

    His selfless example inspired by an inner directive to constantly transcend all that he had previously achieved saw him lift the heart’s , spirit and aspiration of God-lovers. His lasting legacy shall endure for all time and be there as a constant reminder to us all, if we use the limited and separative mind and feel tired, lazy, unsure, hesitant or doubtful.

    Full tribute at:

    Sahayak Plowman

  12. O My Beloved Guru,

    Though You breathe no more,
    Yet, Your very life-breath keeps me alive.

    Though You talk no more,
    Yet, Your Transcendental silently speaks to strive.

    Though You smile no more,
    Your every memory is an eternal-joy-dive.

    Though You draw no more,
    Yet, Mother Earth today, has absorbed Jharna-Kala to thrive.

    Though You sing no more,
    Yet, Your Voice-melody-etch in my heart says:

    “Keep singing, keep singing
    God will soon be arriving.”

    !!Jai Guru!!

  13. Dear Guruji,

    I love you, love you, love you only…
    For your Love-Light shines in my heart and will shine forever.
    No words can express my feelings for You and Your World-Transformation Mission. Blessed are those who lived and still live in the spirit of Your Divine Teachings.
    Aum. Aum.Aum.

  14. O Great Master, O Great Father Divine!
    Only You dedicated Your entire holy earthly Life to the progress of Your dear spiritual children in this world.

    Keep all of us inside Your vast and compassionate Heart forever.


  15. A Million Years

    A million years ago, I danced around in the lustre of countless hallowed dreams. Why, then, do we cry? Why not go forward, remembering the message of the past.

    No decay nor destruction nor the countless earthly toils of pain as we weather the storms within. Strive, strive towards the fulfillment of the children’s dreams and the ones who have seen.

    I know, I was told once long ago, as the rolling green hill lay beyond me, I cast my shadow away, only to hear myself hearken back to the message of the past.

    A million years from now, I will still remain, evergreen, as the echo of the words surround me. To serve Him throughout eternity, our souls a promise made. A promise kept.

    And as we once were, now we still are, and will ever be.
    In me the dream he breathes, now, and forever.

  16. Remembering the New York Disciples of Sri Chinmoy

    Gratitude, Dearly Beloved Ones,
    You have become One, have blended well.
    Here you serve diligently, assiduously, lovingly and prayerfully,
    For your Masters Cause.
    Your sense of loss, I feel, even
    Deeper than my own.
    And yet, the paradox, of joy in mourning,
    Burns stronger still
    At the Aspiration-Ground.
    O Bliss Supreme!! do permeate
    Our Hearts and Souls divine.
    Make us as brothers-sisters free,
    Without repose, to serve you till Eternity.

    —- Manatita —October 21st 2007

  17. My thoughts are constantly with you and all who love Guru. His spirit drives us more than ever.
    Peace and love to all.

  18. Today I sought some refuge in on of your books. Oh, how beautiful. Spiritually restless after some reading and meditation I decided to visit this site and was made aware of your passing.
    I had been longing to meet you, and for a moment today I was a bit sadden that I never had.
    But the following instant there was great closure knowing that you are exactly where you belong.
    Not only did you touched my heart, you taught me how to open it. There is no doubt that with your teachings I have made great spiritual progress, as have many others.
    Eternal Thanks be to the Supreme for the gift of such a Loving and Compassionate Soul.
    For your service to the Lord and to all life you have been Blessed to reside in His Divine Abode.

    I Thank you, I Love You and I will see you someday, hopefully soon.

  19. For 20 years I glimpsed my ultimate Pied Piper, appearing and disappearing amid the intricacies of my life, faintly whispering an invitation to follow his unearthly and haunting life melodies. Finally, the most prolific life-musician who has ever lived chose His hour to call me for my life and soul’s shaping and aspiring elevation. I responded in disbelief, awe and gratitude. Now the flute is returned to its case; the music lives on in a never before seen world transformation rate of possibility. Still in awe and wonder.

  20. Dear Guru,

    At our meditation centre in Amsterdam, we held a service for you on the day of your burial.There were many flowers.
    We we were very happy to receive your strength, grace and light after you have left your body.
    There was great strength in that meditation
    The day of your burial, two beautiful huge rainbows were appearing in the sky above Amsterdam.
    Gratitude gratitude gratitude.

    Greetje Hoekstra

  21. I first read about Sri Chinmoy on the album cover of “Love, Devotion and Surrender” by Mahavishnu John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana – one of my favorite albums of all time.

    I first learned to meditate at a Sri Chinmoy Center in Chicago back in 1974.

    Although I never formally called myself a disciple of Sri Chinmoy – I consider him to be my first “Real” Guru.

    I met him three times and each time I experienced a sensation like waves of peace and love flowing from his very presence.

    I’m sorry to see him leave this earthly plane – but I know that he’s now united with eternity.

    Thank you Sri Chinmoy.

  22. they all came

    the world’s strongest man came,
    the world’s fastest man came,
    the nobel laureate came,
    the buddhists came,
    the bishops came,
    the councilman came,
    the president came,
    the vice president came,
    the congressman came,
    the filmaker came,
    the rockstars came,
    the producer came,
    the actors came,
    the mayor came,
    the christians came,
    the muslims came,
    the hindus came,
    the children came,
    they all came with the same intention:
    to place their gratitude at the feet of god’s servant-unparalleled.


  23. In August of 1996, (in time for his 65th birthday) I had the honor of being invited to interview Sri Chinmoy at his center in NY and enjoy the lovingly prepared food at his restaurant called Annam Brahma. He was gracious and welcoming, with a delightful sense of humor, as a friend and I had driven 3 hours from our home in Bucks County, PA.

    Some excerpts from the interview that still tickle me:

    When he entered the room, I recall a feeling of surprise.; my impression of him was not what I expected. There was a sense of serenity that emanated from him, yet an air of grounded-ness as well. Not merely concerned with cosmic matters, he had his mind on the practical. After he took my hands and bowed slightly, he asked if we had eaten since our arrival. I told him that I was anxious to conduct the interview. He nodded in agreement, but responded “Then you eat.” His physical body was not waht I had anticipated. He was not muscle-bound, as I would have envisioned a weightlifter’s physique to be. Decked out in a pale blue workout suit, he cut a rather compact figure. While we spoke, he sat across the table, lightly squeezing a grip strengthener., alternating hand to hand. His eyes were closed a good bit of the time, but on occasion, they would widen in surprise or delight.

    Some memorable quotes: “Inside my body is a soul, inside my body is God. So, I have to feed the living presence of God, the Divine in me, my Inner Pilot. That is the highest attitude. I am all gratitude to my creator.”

    “Peace is something I get not by possessing, but by sharing. If I have an iota of peace that I share with you, then I will be happy. By loving the world the way mother loves a child…I love a flower, I feel that the flower is also loving me. Why do I get joy? I am getting something from the flower and giving something to it.”

    He then honored me with this statement:” I am glad to be given the opportunity to be of service to you, to your Inner Pilot, which is my God as well. God brought you here as an instrument of His. Two days ago, I met Mother Teresa. In this moment, she grabs my head like this (He makes a motion, placing one hand along either side of his head, as if to bring it down for a kiss on the top, as a mother would do for her child). The next moment, she is playing the role of a sister. The next moment she goes like this. (He folds his hands in front of his chest in prayer posture and bows his head) She knows we are on the same boat, the boat of peace on the river of peace.”

    A few days ago, a friend was in my office, and I was showing her a poster that hangs on the wall from a concert he gave in Philadelphia that Fall. He is gazing upward, serenely, as if listening to a call that he alone can hear. I honor this man of peace and compassion with a huge heart that inspires me and helps me recognize that when tapped into that Source. At the time, I had not known that Sri Chinmoy had passed. He obviously is still speaking.



  24. Most Beloved Guru:
    You accepted each of us who came to you unconditionally and for all time, no matter what our limitations and no matter how deep our ignorance. For each of us you have both been and manifested the Light Supreme, inviting us to drink at your well and to learn through you how to become in ourselves the Light and Love and Beauty that you so abundantly, repeatedly and infinitely have shared with us. May I always bow at your feet for this gift, may I always see through your eyes and your heart the Infinite source from which we all come, may I humbly grow closer to that Source, with your ever loving guidance. Your Sunanda always.

  25. for my Guru


    Isis or I
    cried and mourned
    over the dead body
    of the Man

    and we travelled
    to the abode of Death.

    Now He sleeps in peace
    and new Osiris
    secretly and sacredly
    is getting His
    Sun-and-Moon Birth.

    Wedding of Gods
    takes place in me,
    again and forever,
    forever again.

  26. Dear Guru,
    When God created you he threw the mould away. You are unique. There wont be anybody like you.

    Guru is deep within us always. He will keep on distributing his peace and light even more powerfully than when he was physically with us. He will visit us in vivid dreams. He will be smiling to us that lovely smile of the beyond that we have cherished so much in the depths of our hearts. Where ever we are, He is. Where could he go? He is here.

  27. My heart is all happiness and gratitude that I could meet Sri Chinmoy on the earth plane and spend with Him most precious moments in my life.
    His unconditional Love changed and saved my life.He inspired me and helped me to do the things that I could never imagine be able to do it.
    I never forget His deep Eyes like infinite oceans of love and concern for all divine creations. His divine presence will stay forever deep inside my heart.

  28. Friends,
    Having the opportunity to have a considered Avatar, a GOD-realized Soul, on the Planet as one grows up in College…and beyond….as a source to answer the mysteries of the BIG questions… Father’s death….should one be goal-oriented?..or just BE?..etc. was such a boon to this Life-cycle for me, personally. Guru’s love of children…and the childlike in all of us, brought a special smile and dialogue from him as I appeared on “Sesame Street”!..and returned from Tour of schools and prisons in Russia, etc…..speaking in places like the informal Tennis Courts or the Norwalk Centre. His legendary Power, his Humor and Wit…will be sorely missed on the Planet.
    He radiated, and will continue to radiate I have no doubt…in silence….the Essence of Being….to all who were, and are, ready to receive. Many of my closest friends have been of his inner community, and my relationships with John McLaughlin, Narada Michael Walden, Clarence Clemmons, and Carlos Santana began with him. I believe Guru’s inner INTENT was of the Highest of the High. When he blessed me specifically one day, in private, blowing all my chakras completely open…like a dam bursting….he brought about a spiritual “anchoring” and change that has helped me be a force for GOOD for Children and Youth Worldwide. I am Sincerely indebted to him….and though I have met other Spiritual entities personally….Muktananda, Satchidinanda, etc….it will be Guru I will call on for assistance when I believe myself to be in the most imminent spiritual peril. THAT is the finest and most personal tribute one can give.
    Travel well, my Guru.


  29. It’s unfortunate to hear the samadhi of sri chinmoy.He always worked for world peace by emphasizing the unity of religions.I express my sincere grief at his samadhi.May his soul rest in peace.

  30. I will always cherish the very first time that I came to Aspiration Grounds over 10 years ago. Ironically, if I had found out ahead of time that Sri Chinmoy would play tennis all afternoon against local disciples I might not have attended. On the one hand, I barely knew Sri Chinmoy. I had seen him, in the flesh, only once before at his 1996 New Year Peace Concert and as a fairly new disciple I was eager to see him again. But, on the other hand, I did not know any of the New York disciples and tennis was far from my favourite sport. So, for me, this could easily have been a boring afternoon. Yet, as time went by, my usually serious face was gradually “deformed” by a large smile and my heart was bursting with more joy than I had ever experienced! What was going on? Where was this joy coming from? My mind was baffled. After 2 hours or so, Sri Chinmoy shook hands with the last player and said, “I get SO MUCH JOY when I play…”

    There are a million ways in which Sri Chinmoy has touched the lives and hearts of people from around the world. His soulful music, his Jharna Kala paintings, his spiritual writings, and his amazing weightlifting feats are but the tip of the iceberg. These outer manifestations give us only a glimpse of the inner wealth within each and every one of us. Sri Chinmoy has said, “The most important thing that a spiritual master does for his spiritual children is to make them consciously aware of something vast and infinite within themselves, which is nothing other than God himself.”

    Our lives has been greatly enriched by his presence among us. As he has so convincingly demonstrated, it is on the path of the heart that we can run fast, faster, fastest, towards our Lord Beloved Supreme… Each step for love and peace brings us a step closer to God.

    Normand Veilleux








    (From one who appreciated the upgrade in peoples lives provided by Sri Chinmoy’s efforts.)

    Ted Corbitt
    New York Pioneer Club

  32. In 1994 I left Sri Chinmoy’s path. There is not one day, I didn’t think about it. It felt as if I had fallen. Since that day, I’m fighting my way through ignorence to refind my path. I still feel he is my Guru and never in my life did I meet such sincere, lovable people as on Sri Chinmoy’s path. Guru Sri Chinmoy, and his followers, have changed my life. I am very gratefull for the two years I was a disciple, the two most happy and peacefull years of my life. I am glad I was able to visit a concert in Germany, two years ago. Your passing was a big shock to me. You’re in my heart! Thank you Guru! Love-light, always!

  33. For he last 13 days there has been a mixture of sadness and joy. Today a page turned to offer me only Joy. Guru you once said to me ” so much joy, so much joy, so much joy”

    Forever your Son


  34. The sky is still…The air deepens with sanctity.
    Slowly, from the core of our being
    Breathing as one prayer
    We pour white sands of eternal time.
    O Harbinger of the Golden Future,
    Saviour of the Spirit,
    Painter of a new consciousness,
    Your Eternal Journey is resplendent in full Victory.
    While I bow to Thee,
    Avatar of all Eternity…
    It is my Beloved Guru’s Eyes of Love,
    Heart of Sweetness and
    Feet of Compassion
    That I adore.

    Your Pratibha

  35. Приветствую вас, ищущие братья,
    Воскликнем вместе сердцем, что есть сил,
    Да здравствуют духовные объятья,
    В которые нас Гуру заключил

    И коль уж так случилось, то тем более,
    Всевышнего восславим вновь и вновь,
    Именно мы Творцу по Его воле
    Должны нести служенье и любовь.

    О братья, не ослабим устремленья,
    И слово Гуру примем как наказ,
    Пусть бесконечные отвага и терпенье
    В исканьях света не покинут нас.

    Hello, my seeking brothers,
    Let your hearts shout together,
    Let as praise Guru who has joined us
    With his spiritual embrace

    Remembering this forever,
    Let us praise the Lord again,
    It’s Him who we should
    Serve and love by His will

    Oh, dear brothers, let our aspirations be strong,
    And let Gurus words sound as command,
    Let our non-stop courage and stamina
    Stay while were looking for the light

  36. The guru, I is very grateful to you. I admire with you in the maximum measure. You – the finest phenomenon which I saw.

  37. There are so many things I can tell the world about my life with you:
    how you called me to you, how you thought me secrets of life, how you inspired me, how you loved and served me and the world, how you cured me from terrible disease, how you saved my life…

    But the lesson that I treasure most is the last experience you gave me :

    During meditation on Aspiration Ground I felt so strongly Your Living Presence in every disciple’s heart, in every breath we take, in every blade of grass, everywhere. Your presence was so strong, I could almost touch You.

    Furthermore, I experienced that You/Your Being exists inside us and that it is You who lives in and through us, that YOU are ME and US.

    I read this in the books and heard it directly from You so many times. Finally after this revelation I now know what You meant to tell us. You are now closer to me then when You were in the physical.

    I offer You my Deepest Gratitude for this great blessing.
    Now I know I can never be alone.

    You always lived and continuing to live in me and others, just a heartbeat away . . .

  38. A thank you to one of my favorite teachers.
    At a time in my life when I was so lost and and searching for who I was there was a lecture being given in my city by a man with a strange name and even stranger music. I went to the lecture and something happened that helped to change my life forever. For over a year I went to his center in Montreal and learned to meditate and studied his teachings which helped me on my journey. In the years that followed I went to university at the age of 31 even though I was a high school dropout and graduated in psychology 5 years later. Became a volunteer head coach to over 100 athletes for the Special Olympics for close to 9 years even though I had never even had given that thought to working with people with special needs earlier in my life as a drug addict. Became a therapist/coach and helped change the lives of countless young people and their families who were going through troubles that I had earlier gone through in my life. All I know is that Sri Chinmoy helped me help myself in my transformation from an selfish addict into a selfless individual who really cares about this planet and the people on it. I still remember so vividly when one night he came to me in my dreams and told me to stop recovering and to start living life and I did and so much has happend and changed since that night. I will always be grateful for the time you were in my life and the influence you had on me which in turned helped so many others through the process of me finding my true self and soul
    Rest in peace my dear teacher.

  39. Dear Guru,

    I will never forget the concert You gave in 1984 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. You meditated and then started playing instruments like the flute. The hall became inundated with this energy. It was solide and tangible. It was Peace.

    Then I went toYour concert at St. John the Divine in New York City in 1987. You played the pipe organ.
    It was so powerful. It was like Heaven was speaking to us.

    Thank you Guru for all Your Jharna-kala paintings and Soul birds, Your musical compositions, and all Your poems and writings.

    We were blessed to be in Your Presence.

    love and gratitude, Anurati
    16 years student

  40. I feel sad and surprised of Gurus Mahasamadhi.
    Two days ago i felt his smiling compassionate presence inmm meditation, and today i found that he left his body. Its incredible, his power is a s strong o r stronger than before.
    My gratitude to my Guru for his compassion on me. Drona

  41. I have a mostly silent and deeply personal relationship with Sri Chimnoy that started at Cafe Rainbow Silence Heart in Melbourne about 10 years ago.
    At the time I was using their kitchen in the evening, after hours, to make curries to sell for my business Vegie Curry Man.
    Immersed in Tao practices, which have at their heart, the principle of respect for all masters, I would bow 3 times to Gurus’ picture up on the wall before I started work. And every year I would send one of my Christmas cakes to Guru, usually delivered by Prushphuttita or one of the boys to wherever Guru was that year. After some time I asked if I could have a picture of Guru eating my cake for the purpose of placing it in my commercial kitchen. Two years of requests led to the photo I now have. I would regularly glance up at that image and know why I was cooking. One of my highest values is expressed in nourishing others.
    A couple of weeks before Guru passed on, I started thinking that I wanted to move that photo to the kitchen of my cafe to reinspire me . Meanwhile my partner, a writer of contemporary fiction, was planning to come to the States at the end of January next year for the Associated Writers Program to be held in New York, where she was invited to be part of a panel discussing short-short fiction.
    The possibility existed that I might come with her. I started thinking, what would I want to do that was important for me, if I joined her.
    I wanted to cook for Guru. I could close my eyes and be moved to tears of joy imagining cooking for him.
    Finally I realized that I could cook for him now, by imagining that I was, when I was working.
    And so this is my bond with the guru that I have not met. Every day in my cafe that I remember, which is most days, I get to cook for Guru .

  42. Heart is patient enough to wait until physical pain
    pass away… and wise enough to cherish Gratitude over and over again.

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