Airplanes, Cars, Motorcycles and 40-ft. high Catamaran: all lifted by 75-year old Sri Chinmoy

This weekend, fitness pioneer Sri Chinmoy was continuing his remarkable inspirational weightlifting program at the Naval Aviation Museum in New Jersey. During a non-stop lifting marathon, Sri Chinmoy lifted airplanes, cars, motorcycles and boats, battling age (he is now 75 years old) and injuries to his knee and shoulder. He used three kinds of lifts in the course of the afternoon: a one-arm overhead lift from a seated position, a seated calf raise and a standing calf raise (as shown in photo).

This extraordinary test of strength underscores Sri Chinmoy’s avid belief in the joy of self-transcendence and the unlimited potential of the human spirit. With his weightlifting he hopes to be an example to inspire others to fulfil all their hopes and dreams in their own field of endeavour, regardless of age. With these superhuman heavy lifts he tries to challenge himself, not others.

Some of the remarkable lifts included:

  • Airplanes: An ‘Ultralight’ weighing 424 lbs, lifted with only one arm from a seated position and a Stearman Bi-plane and pilot weighing an enormous 2,952 lbs, lifted with a standing calf raise (see photo).
  • Micro Cars: a BMW ISETTA Microcar weighing 1,011 lbs, lifted in an overhead two leg calf raise and also a 1,290 lb FIAT 500.
  • Boats: a Hobi 16 Catamaran weighing 424 lbs lifted overhead with one arm only from a seated position and a Day Sailor Sailboat with sailor weighing 660 lbs lifted overhead with a one leg sanding calf raise. Carl Behrens, who was in his sailboat when Chimoy lifted it, said: “Well you know, I don’t know so much about the message, but it’s pretty impressive that a guy that age could perform such a feat.”

  • Motorcycles: A 384 pound Suzuki 400 lifted in a right arm overhead lift. Then using a seated calf raise with platform, Sri Chinmoy lifted a 583 lb Triumph Bonneville 27 times and one additional lift with the rider totalling 731 lbs.

Overall, Sri Chinmoy lifted a total weight of 32,453 lbs, over 16 tons in one day.

Sri Chinmoy is the founder of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, an international marathon team that organizes 500 athletic events each year and the inspiring force behind the World Harmony Run, a global friendship relay covering 80 nations.

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