Bali – Featured Gallery

This weeks featured gallery is by Kedar Misani during a trip, by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, to Bali and the world heritage site of Borobudur.


For many centuries, Borobudur was deserted, but after being rediscovered in the nineteenth century, it has been overhauled and given protected status. Sri Chinmoy visited Borobudur on a number of occassions. He remarked on Borobudur:

“Those who have seen Borobudur have really seen something. It is so beautiful and it has such spiritual grandeur! I also like Kamakura.

Borobudur is the Buddha in the process of blossoming. Kamakura is the Buddha who has already blossomed. Borobudur has simplicity in purity and purity in simplicity. Kamakura has silence in power and power in silence. Both are totally different.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Excerpt from The World-Experience-Tree-Climber, Part 6 by Sri Chinmoy.


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