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Shindhu are a female group of musicians based in the UK, studying the art of meditation under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy.


The group is led by Udasina Hansford who studied piano and classical guitar at the Royal Academy of Music. The group comprises members from 14 different countries – a few are professional musicians but most are just women who have discovered their love of music and capacity for singing through the music of Sri Chinmoy

Shindhu on Tour in Scandanavia
Shindhu on Tour in Scandanavia

They have produced a range of music recordings that can be heard at Radio Sri Chinmoy.

See: Shindhu at Radio Sri Chinmoy

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  1. when i listen to shindhu’s songs i astral travel to another dimension where there is peace, tranquility and beautiful dreams. and later on when i wake up i feel charged and ready to face the world out side. i wish if virgin stores all over the world sells shindhu’s CDs, but unfortunately they don’t!

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