Her Excellency Ambassador Ismat Jahan

The Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh:

Speaking at a memorial is without doubt one of the hardest things one could ever be asked to do. And yet, it is a privilege, an honour and a unique opportunity for me when asked to say a few words in honour of the memory of Sri Chinmoy. Born in 1931 at Chittagong in Bangladesh, Sri Chinmoy Ghose, a man of compassion and tolerance, dedicated his life to the cause of global peace, harmony and tolerance, touching and enriching the hearts and minds of many whom he had come across in this noble mission.

Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy, practices and teachings have reached the farthest corners of the world, and have now become a common heritage of people from different religions, faiths, beliefs and cultures.

Needless to say, Sri Chinmoy will live in our hearts forever. His teachings will remain a constant source of spiritual force for many to draw inspiration and courage from in the cause of peace, discipline and tolerance.

Let me not repeat what is known to everybody here about Sri Chinmoy’s life and works. In short, his life is one of perfect manifestation of ingenuity, be it in the field of music, poetry, literature, painting or sports, or in the domain of meditation, which he practised and taught as a source-force for all accomplishments. I recall with profound reverence his 37 years of service to the United Nations and its extended global family, which earned him the respect and recognition of many all across the world.
As a Bangladeshi, I take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to Sri Chinmoy for his constant endeavour in making Bangla music, poetry and literature a significant part of his practices and teachings.

It is a matter of personal regret for me that I did not have the opportunity to know Sri Chinmoy directly, as I joined my position in New York recently. Yet today, on behalf of the members of the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh, I offer sincere tribute to the memory of Sri Chinmoy, a noble and selfless son of Bangladesh, for his invaluable services to humanity.

Let me end by quoting Sri Chinmoy: “Our goal is to go from bright to brighter to the brightest, from high to higher to the highest. And even in the highest, there is no end to our progress.”

I do hope that the light of peace which Sri Chinmoy has lit and handed over to us will be carried forward to enlighten humanity.

May Sri Chinmoy’s great soul rest in eternal peace.

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