The Blue Bird

Sometimes Sri Chinmoy’s students will come together to open up an enterprise or business such as a shop or cafe – this means they can create a tranquil meditative atmosphere in which to work, and also for the public it means a peaceful oasis where they can come and unwind.

In an article just published on the Sri Chinmoy Centre site, cafe owner Toshala Elliot describes one such enterprise – the Blue Bird cafe in Auckland, New Zealand, which has now been running for over 13 years. ‘The Blue Bird’ is actually a name that Sri Chinmoy suggested for the cafe. Sri Chinmoy, in his artwork, has frequently used the bird as a metaphor for the unhorizoned flight of the soul; similarly blue, the colour of the sea and the sky also evokes that feeling of meditative vastness.


  • The beautiful new (and blue) website of the Blue Bird cafe

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