Martin Fryer sets new 24 hour M50 world record

In his first race representing the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, Martin Fryer, established a new World Record for men over 50 in a 24-hour track race of 247.59 km (153 miles, 1487 yards) in the invitational Soochow 24-Hour track race in Taiwan. Continue reading “Martin Fryer sets new 24 hour M50 world record”

Vajin wins Kepler Challenge for third time

Vajin Armstrong from the Christchurch Sri Chinmoy Centre became the first person to win the Kepler Challenge – one of New Zealand’s premier trail running races – for the third time in a row.

The 60km race takes place amidst the stunning mountain scenery on New Zealand’s South Island. In total, eight students of Sri Chinmoy ran the race.

Dharbhasana Lynn – finisher of the 3100 Mile Race – after completing the Kepler Challenge
Prasasta Armstrong (Vajin’s wife) after finishing the race.


Sri Chinmoy Triathlon Festival celebrates its 30th edition

In 1984, the Australian Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team staged the first triathlon ever held in the Canberra region. Recently the 30th such triathlon event staged by the Team took place, with 4 races over a weekend.

There was a Junior and Open Joyathlon for youth competitors, followed by a Sprint and Classic Triathlon.

The Australian Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has gained a reputation as one of the country’s best organisers of race events.

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21 records broken at Impossibility-Challenger in Hungary

Competitors came from five countries came for the latest edition of Impossibility-Challenger event, which was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1983 to help record breakers transcend their limits. The records included 11 World Record attempts, 10 of which were successful.

Here is a sample of some of the records:

Milan Roskopf juggled 3 12 pound bowling balls for 28 seconds


Adam Walter tore apart a telephone book in 2.78 seconds
Adam Fekete jumped over 50 people in a row with his bicycle. He also set a record for the highest vertical jump with a bicycle.

Earlier editions of the event have been held in Switzerland, Germany and New Zealand.

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Finale of European World Harmony Run in Vienna

The World Harmony Run ended its 7 month, 2400 km journey connecting people through 48 countries with a vibrant ceremony in Vienna’s central square.

The World Harmony Run seeks to unite people in a celebration of what we all have in common. The closing ceremony took place amidst a vibrant display in the main square by many community groups including dance, martial arts, and cultural groups. One of the most interesting displays was a giant rocking horse, where to make it rock you have to work in unison.

The ceremony ended with a release of balloons, symbolising everyone’s hopes and dreams for a better world.


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Songs of the Soul tour in Mongolia

Musicians and artists from all over the world played four concerts all over Mongolia as part of the Songs of the Soul series of concerts, which aim to share Sri Chinmoy’s musical legacy.

Agnikana’s Group performs along with Mongolian singers

The concerts took place in Ulanbataar (2 concerts), Erdenet and Darkhan, drawing approximately 2,500 people between them.

Closing performance by Sahadeva’s group

Among the performers were Agnikana’s Group from Czech Republic, Mandu and Visuddhi Trummer from Austria, Pavaka Ritchot from Canada and a final performance conducted by Sahadeva Torpy from London.

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Let’s Meditate NYC

On 9 April, the New York Sri Chinmoy Centre organised a unique meditation workshop which drew an enthusiastic audience of 500 people.

As well as information and techniques on meditation, the evening also featured soulful musical performances which brought the listener directly into the vastness and peace of meditation. Many of the musicians had arrived from all corners of the world to attend the anniversary celebration’s of Sri Chinmoy’s arrival in the west on April 13, 1964.


Songs of the Soul in New York

Songs of the Soul was started in April 2008 as a way to share Sri Chinmoy’s vast musical legacy with the public through choral, instrumental and orchestral performances in a wide variety of styles. New York played host to two very powerful and moving Songs of the Soul concerts on April 14.

The concert featured Ottawa-based group Sangit Surabhi in their first Songs of the Soul performance.

Also performing were Paree’s International Group, which have been singing Sri Chinmoy’s songs acappella for over 20 years.

The concert concluded with a powerful and soulful performance by British group Ananda, with the help of international guests including Premik Russell Tubbs on flute and Adesh Widmer on sitar.

World Harmony Run USA 50-state launch

On April 12, runners and supporters of the World Harmony Run from around the globe gathered at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza for the Opening Ceremony of the U.S. World Harmony Run.

The event was attended by many dignitaries and ambassadors from around the world. It also offered an opportunity for the Run to honour individuals and groups who have worked tirelessly for peace in their own way. For example, the World Harmony Run Torch Bearer award was given to the people of Japan for thir stoicism, courage, cheerfulness in coping with the ordeal of the earthquake and tsunami last year.

The runners will now embark on a journey across all 48 continental states (with local events in Alaska and Hawaii) which will end in August.

For the full event report, visit the World Harmony Run site…


Japan-Korea Joy Day

Sri Chinmoy encouraged students from different countries to meet together for Joy Days – gatherings of meditation and spiritual practice, but also games and (as the name suggests) joy!

Recently, Japanese and Korean students met together in Japan for the first such Joy Day.

(Left) Hemabha from Korea celebrates her birthday. (Right) some of the afternoon games.

There are now plans for the first Asian Joy Day later on this year.